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7 Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Old Electronics

Posted by cirvine on December 1, 2017


Deciding what to do with old electronics is never an easy task. You can take them to an electronic recycling program or donate them. But have you ever considered using them for decorations or DIY projects around your home? That’s right, you can use your old electronics to make everyday household items, jewelry, or fun crafts. Check out this list below to kick start your repurposing projects!

1. CD Coasters: Take old CD’s that you don’t need or use, decorate them, and use them as coasters. This repurpose just needs some sand paper, fabric, old CD’s and glue.

2. Fish tank: Use a vintage TV or an old desktop computer screen to make a fish tank.
3. Sandwich Container: With all of those CD’s being turned into coasters, what are you going to do with the holder that held those burnable CD’s? Why not decorate the holder and then use it as a bagel or sandwich container.

4. Pet bed: Turn a vintage TV into a bed for your fluffy friends.
5. Storage Container: Use old floppy discs (yes, old floppy discs) to make a storage container by gluing them together.

6. Earrings: Use old keyboard keys or remote control buttons to make your own earrings.

7. Guitar Picks: Use old circuit boards to make a new guitar pick.


These are just a few of many different ways to repurpose your old electronic devices, and something to do other than just taking them to a recycling program. All of these options are environmentally friendly and your old technology will never go out of style! 


Experience Awesome with Cloud DVR!

Posted by bsolymar on November 24, 2017


With life being so busy, especially with the holiday season fast approaching, it can become difficult to keep up with your shows or big games. But fear not! Cloud DVR is here to record all of your TV favourites! Cloud DVR is a function included in your Link TV Starter Package which allows you to record, pause, rewind and fast forward your favourite shows and then watch them at a different time!

Enjoy these awesome features of Cloud DVR:

  • 5 hours of recording time
  • Record multiple shows at the same time
  • Pause, rewind, or fast-forward live TV
  • Watch your recorded shows on any TV in your home

How does Cloud DVR make your TV viewing experience even more awesome? You can add up to 100 additional recording hours plus you are able to use the Restart and Catch-Up TV features! Restart TV allows you to go back to the beginning of a show with the click of a button and Catch-Up TV allows you to watch shows and events up to 24 hours after they originally air.

Never worry about missing your favourite show or the big game again, Cloud DVR has you covered!


How to Sign up for Link TV

Posted by tpoole on November 16, 2017


How to sign up for Link TV

Have you heard about Link TV? Here is what our customers are saying!

I have my Link TV and I love it!!! My picture is way better then Satellite ever was!!! Couldn't be happier!!

-          Nicole, Kitchener, ON

What is Link TV?

Link TV is a versatile TV option that allows you to completely personalize your experience from the very start. You are able to choose from a variety of different channels in any package that suits your needs. From our Single Picks, Pick 10, Pick 15, and Theme Packs, there will certainly be something for you! Link TV also has added features such as Cloud DVR, Restart TV, and Catch-Up TV. Cloud DVR enables you to record, pause, rewind, and fast forward any program, while Restart TV allows you to restart a show. The Catch-Up TV add-on enables you to watch a live show up to 24 hours after it originally airs.

Link TV is delivered over the Execulink network and by downloading our Virtual Set-Top Box onto a mobile device; you are able to watch TV on multiple platforms. So whether you missed your favourite show, want to watch a movie while the big game is on, or want to customize your TV experience – we’ve got you covered!

So, with all of the add-ons, personalization opportunities, and a great price what is holding you back from signing up?

To sign up for Link TV as a new customer, follow this link http://www.execulink.ca/residential/tv/. From here, simply enter your postal code, you are then able to learn more about Link TV and different ways to sign-up.

If you already have a MyExeculink account, sign in and select the TV option. Add on all channels, Packages, and features you would like then you are done!

Take a look at this at this step by step video and learn how to sign up for Link TV today!

Happy watching!


Wedding Planning Made Easy

Posted by tpoole on November 3, 2017


Worried about keeping up your everyday, social life while trying to plan a wedding? Are you just starting to plan your wedding or only have a few things left to check off on your to do list? No worries, there is an app that can help! Whether it is setting up a trendy hashtag, sending out e-vites, tracking your RSVPs, finding venues, or planning your wedding in whole, check out a few of these apps and websites below to get ahead of the planning and organizing.

Wed Pics: this site is an easy go-to website for your wedding guests to share photos and videos of you from your wedding. It is a fast and easy set-up that is convenient and easy to use!

Wedding Wire: This is a venue database. If you aren’t sure where to have your wedding, look up local venue on this site by searching type, location, price, and ratings. You can then use the site to find checklists and budget templates.


Carats & Cake: This is your go-to site for finding vendors you can use for your wedding (carters, florists, decorators, photographers, etc.). You are able to look at their portfolios and book them all through this site.

Wedding Happy: If you’re on a strict budget but looking for that little bit of help, no worries. WeddingHappy is a free app that is like having a personal assistant. It helps you stay on track with getting everything ready for your wedding by setting up to-do lists and sending you alerts/ reminders for upcoming deadlines. Anyone who is helping you with your wedding can download the app and have you share the event with them as well.

myPantone: If you are having troubles deciding on a colour scheme for your wedding or saw a colour you absolutely love and have to figure out what it is called, this is the app for you. With this app you can snap a picture of anything and it will identify the exact colour for you.


Minted: Use this site to find the most chic templates for save the dates, ceremony programs, ready-made invitations, and more. Skip the hassle of designing them yourself with these templates (they are customizable) and printing them yourself! You are able to print at home or take the file to a local printer to have the printed off.

Riley & Grey: If you are all about design you have to check this site out! Here you are able to make your own wedding website that is stylish and easy to use. You can add all of the info your wedding guests will need to know, wedding party bios, tips for places to stay and eat near the venue, and even add links to kayak and google maps to help people with travel plans.

Trello: This is a virtual pin board to help you stay organized (instead of keeping everything in one giant notebook). You are able to add documents and photos, colour code items, make notes about what needs to be done or is done, set deadlines, and drag and drop items into different categories as you complete them.

AllSeated: How hard is it to decide who to seat where, who knows who, who gets along with who, balance out seating tables, or how to even set-up tables in your venue? Don’t fret! Send a photo of your venue to AllSeated ad they will deliver a 3-D rendering of the space so you can visually (online) design where all of the tables, caterers, and DJ will be set-up. As you find out who is all coming to the ceremony, you can assign place settings as well. You then can send this to your rental company, caterer, DJ, etc. to make sure it is set up exactly how you want.

The knot: this is a free platform to set-up a website for your wedding. Use it to help find your perfect wedding dress, wedding ideas, inspiration, and vendors. Then make your own website for your guests to look at to see all of the details of your wedding, meet your wedding party, look at your registry, read the story of how you and your significant other met, and look at photos of you. It also provides you with checklists, a wedding vision, and a budgeter. This is your one place stop for everything wedding!

Pinterest: Having a hard time coming up with a colour scheme, party favours, first dance songs, decorations, how to decorate your perfect venue to reflect you and your significant other, food to serve, or what style you want your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses? Go no farther, make a wedding board on pitnerest and save every, absolutely everything you love. This way you can always go back and look at it again, decide what you love and what you don’t like as much. Find inspiration to make your wedding exactly how you want.


If you are unsure how to make your special day that bit more special… and easier to plan, check out these sites and apps. But don’t fret or stress, if none of these are what you are looking for that’ll give you a bit of extra help, there are millions more out there.  This is going to be an amazing day, don’t worry about the stress of it. Use these online platforms to plan every last detail of your wedding!


Get Your Spook on this Halloween

Posted by tpoole on October 26, 2017


Halloween is fast approaching and your time for corn mazes and haunted houses are running out. But the question is-- when and where are there Halloween activities happening? Well, we have you covered. Read ahead to find out what spooky, Halloween activities are happening in areas near you.

Grand Bend and Area

Witches Walk on October 28

          Go out to Bayfield to visit the spooks and ghouls at the annual Witches Walk

Kitchener/ Waterloo

Bingemans Scream Park from October 24-29

          Experience a haunted house meant to terrify you. Experience the Autopsy room, Carnival of Souls, Phobia, Gore Gallery, Your Last Ride, and Paintball Zombie Hunt.

Synder’s Family Farm from October 27-29

          This attraction is fun for the whole family. At the Family Fall fun there are corn mazes, petting zoos, a pirate ship, pedal cart track, and pillow jumping. At the Fear Farm things get a little bit scarier. There are 6 horrifying haunts included in this part: hayrides, hillbilly hike, condemned corn, Hiller house, The Stalking Dead, and more!

Zombie Walk and Thriller Dance on October 28

          Come out and learn how to do the iconic zombie dance from thriller at Cambridge’s Farmers’ Market.

McDougall’s Halloween Spooktacular on October 28

          Go out to McDougall Cottage and have a spooky afternoon filled with crafts, carving demos, toffee tasting, and more. Dress up in your Halloween costume!

Scary Boo Fun on October 29

          This event is being held at Waterloo Region Museum and will include Halloween games, pumpkin decorating, and crafts!



Pumpkin Festival on October 28

          Come out to Clovermead and go on a bee barrel train ride, participate in apple sling shot, watch a pumpkin slide show, and try out pumpkin bowling!

Family Pumpkin Patch on October 28

          Go on out Covent Garden Market and pick your own pumpkins, guess the weight of their pumpkin, and enjoy some apple spirals and cider.

Corn Maze is open until the end of October

          Head out to Apple Land Station and check out their corn maze and pick your own pumpkin!

Kustermans after Dark open until October 29

          Go out to Kustermans Berry Farms and check out their flashlight maze , coffin ride simulator, zip lines, jumping pillows, and amazing eats

The Midnight Village: Donellys After Dark, October 26-29

          Travel back in time at Fanshawe Pinoeer Village and learn about the famous feud between local vigilantes and the Donelly clan. Hear ghostly tales of mayhem and murderous results.

Storyspook Village, on until October 30

          Spooky not scary!! Trick or treat through Storybook Gardens, enjoy a superhero fun house, singing pumpkins, and a giant maze

Norfolk County

Simcoe Halloween Haunt from October 26-29

          Come on down to downtown Simcoe for a Frightful Fundraiser for anyone brave enough

2nd Annual Halloween Walk of Treats on October 28

          Join in for some Halloween fun downtown Delhi. Stop in at the firestation for a Halloween open house and Pumping Carving!

Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 28

          Go out to Lighthouse Festival Theater in Port Dover to watch a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Don’t be afraid to dress up!

Woodstock and Area

Ghoulish Golf on October 28

          Head on down to play a round of golf in your Halloween costumes and enjoy a BBQ at Kiwanis Mini Golf Ingersoll

Norwich Optimist Corn Maze Fun open Saturday and Sunday

          Check out the trick or treat days and haunted maze at night! Also enjoy a petting zoo, snack shack, and pumpkin bowling.

Fall Harvest Festival on October 28 and 29

          Check out barn animals, a corn maze, a wagon ride, straw fort, and launching a pumpkin catapult at McCully’s Hill Farm!

We hope everyone enjoys some of these awesome Halloween activities and have an extra spooky Halloween!!