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7 Addictive Mobile Games You've Gotta Try

Posted by cirvine on August 14, 2015



It’s hard to say what exactly makes a game addictive. What keeps us coming back can range from a simple need to get to the next level, to completing a collection of in-game treasures. In either case, the addictive quality of a game can be ruined entirely by complicated gameplay or mucky design. These two “behind-the-scenes” aspects can be just as important as the game itself. I’ve tried out a few different addictive mobile games and come up with a list of my favourites, keeping in mind both the fun and fun-ction. Try them for yourself, but don’t blame me if you can’t stop playing!

TwoDots (iOS & Android)

TwoDots is the sequel to the uber-successful Dots, which was downloaded more than 1 million times within the first week of its release. Two Dots has also seen great success, and was given the People’s Choice Award for Best Game on handheld devices for the 2015 Webby Awards. Like its predecessor, TwoDots takes the simple idea of connecting-the-dots, and amplifies it with a certain number of lives, objectives, and power-ups.  The simplicity, mixed with these spicy little goodies, is what makes it addictive. It carries this concept over to its design as well—it’s simplistic, flat interface is so clean and iPhone-esque that it begs to be played by all ages and genders. It’s one of those games where you’re not sure exactly how it grabbed you, but it did, and now you can’t stop connecting those little colourful dots.

Badland (iOS & Android)

Badland is a multi-award-winning side-scroller, where you are a little black blob just trying to make its way through the dark and forbidding landscape. With a physics-based gameplay reminiscent of Little Big Planet, you tap your way through the screen, bumping into things that may make you grow bigger, shrink smaller, multiply and more. It has become a wildly popular game, played by over 20 million people worldwide. It has received sky-high ratings, and it’s easy to see why. This game couldn’t be easier to start playing. There is one control, and that is to tap the screen to keep your little blob moving. It’s the stuff he bumps into that really makes the game fun, and coupled with its beautiful design, the game hooks you right from the get go.

Terraria (iOS & Android)

Terraria takes us back to the good old days of classic 2D RPGs. Not only does it give gamers that warm and fuzzy nostalgia feeling, but it immerses them in a world where the possibilities for fun are seemingly endless. Whether you’re there to collect items, upgrade weapons and armour, dig for resources, build shelters, or just want to fight baddies, the game is yours to shape and enjoy.  This isn’t a game you’re going to get sick of quickly. Get your pickaxe and start digging!

Drop7 (iOS & Android)

Drop7 is another one of those games that is so simple, but so addictive. A mixture of Tetris and Connect-4, this game is easy to start and hard to finish. Blow up discs to get points, but do it quickly, as the rows start multiplying from the bottom up. Once the screen fills up with discs, you lose.  It’s another example of how the simplest concepts are sometimes the most fun.

Atomas (iOS & Android)

Atomas is a puzzle game that utilizes scientific elements to achieve its addictive qualities. Your job is to create valuable elements such as gold, platinum and silver, but all you have to start with is a hydrogen atom. In order to create other elements, you have to combine elements with the same atomic number. So for instance, when you combine two Lithium atoms (3), you get one Beryllium (4). Yes, I realize how boring this is sounding, but believe me, it’s not boring at all. You can only have a certain number of elements in your circle, and once your circle is filled up, you lose, so you have to choose your combos wisely and plan ahead. Finally, science is fun!

Osmos (iOS & Android)

Addictive gaming has never been this chill! Seriously, you’re not going to find another mobile game quite like this. The music and the gameplay combine into a beautiful ambiance of serenity and fun! The idea is this: you are a single-celled organism (“Mote”), looking to survive and grow. You do this by colliding into other smaller motes and absorbing them, but in order to move around, you must expel mass, so getting to those other motes comes at a price. There are also three different “zones” of levels in Osmos—Sentient, Ambient, and Force levels—each with its own sort of puzzle to solve and change of physics. Take a break from the world but beware, you might not want to come back to reality after playing this one!

Monument Valley (iOS & Android)

Okay, so I’ve saved the best for last. This game is so beautiful and so unique that it’s hard to find words to describe it! You are a tiny little princess who has somehow lost her way in an impossible land of M.C. Escher-esque architecture that you must twist and turn for her so she can make her way to the end. The juxtaposition of minimalist design with complex optical illusions is what sets this game apart. The eerie yet elegant storyline keeps you wanting more and more. Set your lighting to dim, curl up on the couch, and get your headphones on—this one is worth the money to experience!