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Amazon Go Introduces Grab and Go Grocery Shopping

Posted by cchalkley on December 8, 2016


Amazon announced this week its plans to open a new retail store called Amazon Go. This isn’t any old grocery store. This grocery store doesn’t have any check-out lines! Everyone has been in the situation where you walk into a grocery store on Saturday afternoon with the store jammed packed full of people and the check-out lines are astronomically long. It’s in these moments where I hate my life and am irrationally annoyed with everyone I encounter in that store. Well this new technology Amazon has created is trying to make your grocery shop just a lot easier. This video below was released by Amazon to showcase its new grocery store concept.

This store has “Just Walk Out” technology that will automatically detect when the product has been selected and placed in to the virtual cart. Then when all the shopping is done, just leave the store and the customer’s Amazon account will automatically be charged. 

So this all sounds pretty cool, but how does this all work? Amazon used the words computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion. The technology being used in the Amazon Go store is similar to what is being used for self-driving cars and what Amazon is already using for its Alexa voice service. Once a person walks into a store, they would check in using their Amazon Prime account, then cameras would follow movements throughout the store to track what products that are being selected. Sensors would be on the inventory shelves to help take stock of what products and how many are being selected. Facial recognition and an image analysis will be used to determine a person’s skin tone on their hand. These image recognitions would be used to help ensure that if two people are side by side in the store, it would correctly identify which of the people selected the product. Microphones would also be used in the store to help determine where people are in the store. This “Just Walk Out” technology, even with the phrase sounding like it, would eliminate shoplifting from the store.

So what kinds of products would someone be able to find in this grocery store? Normal everyday staples that you would expect from a grocery store: milk, bread, cheese and well-known brands. They will also offer ready-to-eat snacks made by on-site chefs. You would also be able to find Amazon Meal Kits that will have all the ingredients to make 30 minute meals for two. 

The first Amazon store 1,800 square feet and planned to be open early 2017 in Seattle, the city where Amazon’s headquarters is located. Amazon Go is currently being tested by Amazon employees. There are no known plans to open any more stores or any locations in Canada. In the meantime Canadians can continue to shop online at Amazon.ca where many grocery items are available for purchase.



Christine Chalkley, Marketing Coordinator

I love things that make me laugh including sitcoms, sketch comedy and anything my kid does. When it comes to parenting I take Amy Poehler’s advice: “Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers... for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.”