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The Best Tech for Keeping your Resolutions in 2018

Posted by tpoole on January 16, 2018



The first month of 2018 brings an opportunity to make some resolutions and who isn’t on board for “New Year, New Me"?  I don’t know about you, but I am awful at keeping any resolutions that I make, whether it is to eat better, read more, budget better, or simplify my busy life. If you are like me and struggle with keeping your resolutions, there are technologies and apps that can help you stay on track!

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy, whether it is through exercise or eating habits, is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. But how do you know what type of exercise will get you the best results? What should you be eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle? It gets boring and tedious, constantly focusing on what you eat and doing the same exercise routine every few days. But don’t worry, we've got you covered!


Fitnet is an app that allows you to have your own personal trainer on your phone, for free! You start by entering your personal goals and then Fitnet provides you with a variety of exercise routines to follow. While you are doing these routines, your camera captures your movements and provides feedback. It is just like having a personal trainer there with you!


SmartPlate is a new technology that allows you to weigh your food and track what you eat with an app! When you place your food on the plate it is automatically weighed. An app on your phone allows you to take a picture of your plate from above and your food will be analyzed and tracked. You can specify if you want to focus on strength and power, hydration, weight management, blood glucose and carbs, energy, or portion control. The SmartPlate technology identifies macro and micro nutrients and even recognizes food from a restaurant.

Checking nutritional app when eating

Happy Scale

Happy Scale is an app that measures your weight and immediately starts to analyze and make predictions as to when you will meet your goals.

Read More

Reading more is something I always wish I had time to do, but I always find I am too busy. If you are like me and find it hard to read, have you considered alternate reading options such as audiobooks or digital libraries? Here is a short list of a few apps and technologies that can make reading more enjoyable.


Scribd is an app that gives you access to three books and one audiobook each month- plus unlimited magazines and documents. The Scribd app is compatible on any device and allows you to read your favourite literature anywhere, anytime!


Kobo is a handy little eReader that is great for people who love to read. It is the size of a tablet, which makes it easy to throw in a bag and take with you anywhere. When you purchase a Kobo it comes already programmed with books, plus you are able to purchase and download all of your favourites! If you don’t want to be carrying an eReader with you everywhere, don’t worry because Kobo also has an app that you can download on any device!  


Goodreads is an app and website that you can use to help you decide what book you should read next. It helps you keep track of the books you've read, share them with your friends and document your reviews. All you have to do is input genres and/or titles of your favourite books and Goodreads will give you many more suggestions for future reads!

Budget, Budget, Budget

Whether you are looking to pay off that student debt, planning your trip to Italy, or just trying to stay on top of your current finances, budgeting never comes easy. Here are a few apps that will help keep you on track with your budget!


Mint is an app that allows you to create a realistic budget, pay your bills on time and stay on top of your finances, securely. You are able to view your bills and credit statement in one place while developing budget plans for different areas of your life. It also provides financial tips and tricks - who doesn’t like that sound of that?


YNAB (You Need A Budget) is a software that can be downloaded on any computer. This software helps you make a budget that is right for you, makes you consider where you are spending your money, and helps you keep track of when you are getting paid and when bills are due… all while trying to take the stress out of budgeting. But don’t worry, it lets you ‘roll with the punches’ and you can change your budget at any point.

Simplify Your Life

Life can get really busy and hectic, running here and there, having this errand to run, this place to be at a certain time… oh no, you're double booked, now what do you do? Try out some of these tech shortcuts to help keep you organized and on track with your goals!

Google Now

Google Now acts like your own personal assistant. This app will update and remind you about upcoming events, reservations, important birthdays, weather conditions, and traffic.


Any.do is an app that you can use to help track your tasks and meet your set goals! You are able to set reminders, make notes, and add files that you can access on any device by signing into the app or visiting their website.

Link TV

With Execulink's Link TV service you no longer have to worry about rushing home to watch your favourite show, or fret about missing the big game because of traffic or an appointment! Features such as Cloud DVR, Restart TV, and Catch-Up TV allow you to record your favourite shows and movies or go back to the beginning of a show if you missed it! Simplify your life by streaming from multiple devices and watching your favourite shows anywhere in your home! Contact Execulink today or click here to learn more!


Keeping your resolutions throughout the year is a hard task, hopefully these handy technologies will assist you with meeting your goals and staying on track through 2018!