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The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of July

Posted by cfeehan on July 28, 2016


Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to July’s edition of the 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos! We have a few seasoned veterans, like James Corden and Jimmy Fallon, and a couple of new additions to the list, like Katy Perry and YouTuber Casey Neistat. This month brought a mix of serious videos and funny videos, and even threw in some music videos. Get ready for this awesome pop culture playlist!


He’s back! James Corden has secured the #1 spot yet again on our list of the 10 most popular YouTube videos. This time, however, there’s a twist – his passenger isn’t a famous singer, it’s First Lady Michelle Obama! And she’s totally down-to-earth and awesome…other than the fact that she has only been in the passenger seat of a car once in the last seven and a half years, but we’ll let that one slide. The pair discusses White House nicknames, room service, and more, and at one point, Missy Elliott shows up for some unknown reason. It’s definitely a fun watch!


So many emotions! This video combines Katy Perry’s new song, Rise, with slow-motion footage from past Olympic games, and let me tell you, it’s pretty inspirational. It really gets you up close and personal with the athletes, and only begins to show what they must be feeling during some of the biggest moments of their entire lives. Plus, it includes new Katy Perry music, and I haven’t heard anything new from her in a long time, so that’s rather exciting. If you feel like getting pumped up for the 2016 Rio Olympic games happening in August, don’t miss this one!


We all know Justin Bieber by now, and whether you love him or despise him, it’s hard to deny that he occasionally comes out with catchy songs. I must say that this is one of them, which is probably why it’s one of the most-viewed videos of the month. It’s officially by Major Lazer, who released the hugely popular “Lean On” last year (the official video now has over 1.5 billion views…yes, BILLION), and just features Bieber and MØ. But since Bieber is a Stratford native, he’s the headliner in my mind. Keep representing that local heritage proudly, Biebs.


I must admit that I am not an avid watcher of superhero movies. I do like them every once in a while for the action and fantasy aspects, though, and it’s usually pretty easy to get immersed in the plot. After watching this trailer, I think that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie will be no exception. Although the comments section is already blowing up with concerns about the strong female lead (really, people? It’s Wonder Woman, what were you expecting?), it looks like it will be a thrill ride with a little bit of humour thrown in.


The “Wheel of Musical Impressions” series has become a constant on this blog. I guess people like to see famous people pretending to be other famous people! The guest this time was Céline Dion, who did a crazy good job at impersonating Cher, and was very into the game. Jimmy Fallon made some good attempts too, but when you’re up against Céline, it can be a little difficult to hold your own. 


When the first official trailer for Doctor Strange made our list for the top 10 YouTube videos back in April, I immediately put the film on my personal “to-see” list. Now that I’ve watched the second trailer, I’m positive – this is going to be awesome. In case you need a refresher, the movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, and is based on one of Marvel’s characters. It doesn’t look like your typical superhero movie, though; it feels a bit more “Inception” than “Avengers”, but I’m totally okay with that. Check out the trailer to see if you feel the same way!


Does anyone else feel educated? I feel educated. I also feel sad, though, because this video brought to light the way we allow our natural human curiosity to become more important than the lives of other creatures. This video pointed out something I had never really noticed before – the fact that there are no great white sharks in aquariums. It’s not that we respect them enough not to confine them in small spaces, though, it’s that we keep trying and they keep dying, usually after only a couple of days. I would definitely recommend watching this video even if you don’t have a huge interest in wildlife preservation or animals in captivity, because it’s super informative and interesting regardless.


These videos always make me feel the most second-hand embarrassment ever. In this particular one, Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are given earpieces, and a couple of guys in another room tell them exactly what to say and do throughout an interview about their new movie, Nerve…and they actually do everything! Dave has to answer a question by simply “meow”-ing, Emma has to awkwardly shake her head for like 15 seconds, and more, while the interviewers have no idea what’s going on. Watch the whole video if you feel like having a cringe-fest.


The “Honest Trailers” series is a popular one on YouTube, and for a good reason. The goal of these trailers is to show viewers exactly what to expect when they go into a movie – to make them as “honest” as possible. Essentially, they remove all of the flowery extras from trailers, and insert witty, sarcastic commentary instead. This particular trailer is for Jaws, and it’s great. It highlights things like the town’s awful mayor, which is something the real trailer wouldn’t necessarily touch on, and the movie’s weird obsession with showing legs – lots of legs. If you enjoy this video, there are many more just like it. Check out the full list of Honest Trailers here!


I cannot completely explain why, but this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t get enough of these bad lip reading videos! I applaud the imagination and total randomness that goes into making them, especially when the media in question is a movie you watched as a kid (in this case, High School Musical). The video centres around the two main characters, Chorky and Lumpkinella, who are faced with typical teen problems, like trying to maintain their relationship despite the fact that one of them is a robot. Personally, I think the world needs more unrestrained nonsense like this. If you’re looking for a ton of laughs, don’t miss out on this video.

We can’t wait to see what kinds of videos August brings, and we hope you’ll be here with us to find out. Have a great long weekend, Execubloggers!


Caitlin Feehan, Blogger & Editor

Converse have been my footwear of choice for the past 9 years, I’m convinced that all doors and sidewalks are conspiring against me, and I enjoy sticking my head out of the passenger window on long car rides.