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5 Years of Family Day at the Movies

Posted by amustard on February 17, 2016



This past Monday, Execulink hosted our fifth annual Family Day at the Movies event. A day where we invite residents of the cable communities we serve to enjoy a free screening of a family movie at the Kineto Theatre – a local movie theatre in Forest, Ontario. We also provided free snacks and drinks plus prizes and give-a-ways.

Crowds started to line up just before the doors opened at one o’clock. The weather had warmed up from the chilly weekend temperatures, so the line was bearable. Back in 2013, after selling out the year before, we had an early line-up around the corner on one of the coldest days of the year! It’s safe to say the doors were opened earlier than one that day. We appreciated everyone’s patience this year while entering the theatre. 

Once inside the Kineto doors, attendees grabbed some free give-a-ways, filled out ballots for an assortment of prizes and had the opportunity to ask April, one of our knowledgeable Sales & Customer Service representatives (and local Forest resident) questions about Execulink’s services.

Movie goers also grabbed a free drink and a bag of popcorn – as popcorn and movies go hand-in-hand.

Just before showtime, Execulink’s Marketing and PR Manager Karen Chalmers took the mic. After thanking everyone for coming out as well as their continued support, she announced the winners of our three prizes – a Stereo Cooler, a Digital Photo Frame and a Family Fun Package.

After prizes were distributed and everyone was comfortably seated, the movie began. This year, ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip’ was the family flick that was played. This movie follows our favourite singing rodents as they embark on a cross-country journey to stop Dave, their Manager/Father-Figure, from (potentially) making a terrible mistake.

It was a very entertaining kid’s movie with all the jokes and songs you can expect from a Chipmunks flick. One song that stood out to me was the Chipmunks rendition of ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars – which happened to win a Grammy for record of the year, later that night.


Fun Fact – Did you know that the Chipettes (the female version of the Chipmunks) are voiced by Christina Applegate (Brittany), Anna Farris (Jeanette) and Kaley Cuoco (Elenor)? What a dream team! Compared to the Chipmunks - who are comprised of Justin Long (Alvin), Matthew Grey Gubler (Simon) and Jesse McCartney (Theodore) - the Chippettes really brought out the A-list celebs!

Showing a Chipmunks film had extra significance to us this year. Our first Family Day at the Movies, in 2012, we showed ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked’ to a sold out crowd. The success of that Monday afternoon convinced us to make this an annual event. We were happily surprised to learn a new Chipmunks movie would be available on the 5th anniversary of our annual event.

A lot has changed since that first Family Day at the Movies in 2012. ‘Chipwrecked’ was shown on 35mm film on a projector that took up half of a medium sized room. The Forest Kiwanis Club and the community undertook significant fundraising campaigns and obtained grants in order to upgrade the historic theatre. Renovations included a new screen, new acoustic tiling, updated sound equipment, an aluminum roof on the awning, a digital marquee, as well as a digital projection unit with 3D capabilities.

After hearing Dave yell “Aaallvvviiin” one last time, the movie came to a conclusion. On their way back home to spend the rest of Family Day with their families, movie-goers picked up a pair of Execulink-branded gloves (with touchscreen capabilities) to keep their hand warm during this unpredictable winter.

We want to first thank Dan and Glen and the rest of the Kiwanis Club of Forest as well as the staff from the Kineto theatre for facilitating this event and making sure everyone enjoyed themselves. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys, and we are looking forward to putting on this event for years to come. Click HERE for more information about the Kineto Theatre including their Film & Food Festival (Execulink is a gold sponsor of this event).

We would also like to thank everyone who made it out on Monday to celebrate Family Day with us. We appreciate your support and look forward to chatting with everyone at our next community event. 



Andrew Mustard, Marketing Coordinator

Devoted Leafs fan through the good and the bad - mostly bad. Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario - with more swag than Bieber. Success isn’t a maybe - it’s a must.