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Gadget Gifts of 2015

Posted by cirvine on December 11, 2015


Don’t be caught giving a boring gift this year. 2015 gave us some amazing gadgets, and not just for nerds either. From smart pacifiers to mobile printers, there’s a gadget out there for everyone.

Logitech’s Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480


This keyboard has it all. Not only is it completely wireless and super sleek-looking, but it’s designed to be used with up to three different devices, regardless of computing platform. That means you can easily switch from your iPad to your Android phone to your home computer and never worry about whether they are compatible. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the device has its Bluetooth turned on.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen


How many times as a student did you look back on your quickly-scribbled notes and think, “What did I mean by that?” Well, with Livescribe’s Smartpen, you need not wonder any longer. This pen lets you record audio while you write. That means alongside your note you can listen to the sound of that lecture you couldn’t quite remember. It also records how you wrote the note, so when you upload the note to your computer, you can literally see the note being written out again in front of you, which could come in handy for diagrams or things you need some interactivity with. Not convinced of its coolness? Watch this video:

SyrenPro Outdoor Bluetooth Stereo System


These speakers might look like art sculptures from the future, but they are far more than that. They are actually more functional than they are beautiful. They are weather-resistant, Bluetooth speakers, with TrueWireless Stereo™ pairing so you can create a surround-sound experience outside!

Pacif-I The Smart Pacifier


Moms and dads will love this smart pacifier that monitors your baby’s temperature and relays it back to your smartphone using Bluetooth. It can also set reminders, record medications, monitor trends, and track its own whereabouts, so you never have to worry about losing that soothie again!

Logbar’s The Ring


No, it will not make hobbits invisible, nor does it have anything to do with a long, black haired girl down a well, but it does have a lot to do with controlling your phone and other devices using simple gestures with your fingers. Imagine being able to turn on your TV with the flick of your finger in the air, or turning down the volume on your phone by drawing a “V” in the air. Logbar is also working on getting The Ring to work with home appliances over infrared. 

Check out this video to see all the cool things The Ring can do!

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Photo-Printer


I think this one is a gadget I could really see myself buying. This tiny, instant photo printer connects to your Android or Apple phone via Bluetooth and produces 2”x3” print-outs of your favourite pics, with a sticky-back for extra fun. Better yet there’s no ink involved, so you never have to worry about it going dry.



Are we sensing a theme? Bluetooth ALL THE THINGS!! That’s okay though. The Digitsole actually seems like a good idea. Basically it’s a shoe sole that can monitor your steps, distance, and calories burned and relay that information to your phone. The coolest (or should I say hottest) thing about it is that it comes with a built-in thermostat that you can also control via your phone. So I could see this being great for someone with poor circulation in their feet, or someone that spends a lot of time out in the cold.



If you’re like me then you probably can’t stand to be away from your animals. Lucky for us, we live in a world where we don’t really have to! The Petcube is basically a large camera you can put in your home (the room where the pets generally hang out) that sends 720p video to your phone so you can always be with them and see what they’re doing. It also comes with speakers so that you can say hello or yell at Rex when he’s chewing on the couch cushions again. I think the coolest part of this gadget is the built-in light that sends a tiny red dot on the ground that you can control from your phone, so even when you’re not physically with them, you can still play with them and tire them out!

Gift giving is difficult sometimes, but hopefully this post gave you some ideas. Good luck and enjoy the season of giving!


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