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Game of Thrones: "Home" Review

Posted by cirvine on May 2, 2016



After the premiere episode laid the foundation and reminded us again of where everyone’s at in the Game of Thrones universe, it’s time to get to work and start moving the storyline along again. A lot of things happened in the second episode of season 6. Let’s take a look.

One of the coolest things we saw this episode was a flashback via Bran and the three-eyed raven tree wizard (seriously, can we just give him a name?). Together they went back to Winterfell where Ned, Benjen and Lyanna played together as children. It was great to finally see Lyanna in the flesh, as her character plays such a large role in the history of things, and the possible reveals of the future. We also got to see a young Hodor, aka Whyllis, who was actually speaking real words and not just saying “Hodor” over and over. It made us wonder what awful thing happened to him that made him this way. I swear if it has anything to do with the Boltons I’m going to scream.


Speaking of Ramsay, he revealed himself to be even worse of a person than we previously thought (he’s really outdoing Joffrey now isn’t he?) as he literally fed his stepmother and her newborn to the dogs. This is just minutes after killing his own father, by the way. Which leads me to a little rant.

Does anyone else feel like super-important events are being rushed this season? For one, MAJOR people are getting murdered and it seems all too quick and easy. Last episode we saw the Prince of Dorne and his son, Trystane, die by the hands of the Sandsnakes. Easy peasy, stabby stabby, the prince of an entire country is dead. This episode, the head of House Bolton was killed by his own son Ramsay, without much fuss or fight afterward. Then another major house lost its’ leader in Pyke: Theon’s dear old dad Balon Greyjoy had a nice how-do-you-do from his long lost brother (who we’ve never even seen/heard of before) and got pushed off a bridge. What?! These aren’t main characters necessarily but they are very important to the history and storyline of Game of Thrones (especially if you’ve read the books), and to just kill them off left and right like this, totally makes it less powerful.  

But let’s forget about people dying for a second—what about people coming back to life? Everyone’s favourite curly-haired rascal was miraculously resurrected by Melisandre last night. After a lot of insisting on her part that she never “had the power”, she gave it a shot and voila! Jon’s back, and it was actually pretty easy. Did she not even try those other times?


It was also kind of a letdown after all the hype surrounding how he would be resurrected. Melisandre doing it seemed like the easiest, most obvious solution, but I don’t think it was necessarily the best. I was kind of hoping he’d come back to life via being burned on the pyre, revealing his Targaryen-like abilities and becoming the Azor Ahai hero Melisandre always wanted. Or warging into Wolf would have been clever as well. But whatever, he’s back and that’s all that matters I guess.

So the question now is, what’s Jon going to be like post-mortem/post-revivum? There’s no way he can brood even more than he already did, so hopefully he will become a sort of god-like hero to the wildlings/Night’s Watch, and finally have the unified army he always wanted. He’s sure to have a visit soon from his sis, Sansa, who will inevitably tell him of the disaster that is Winterfell, so that should be interesting. Will he take a break from the war on the white walkers and focus on regaining the North? A Ramsay vs. Jon fight would be pretty darn epic, right?

There’s lots to look forward to and lots to speculate on. Stay tuned to our blog post next Monday when we’ll discuss the craziness that is sure to be episode 3! I can hardly wait!

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