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Game of Thrones: "Oathbreaker"

Posted by cirvine on May 9, 2016


A girl has no spoilers. Wait, yes I do. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The third episode of season 6 happened last night and Jon Snow is officially back in black. Well, until the last scene when he decides that he’s had it with the Watch. I guess getting brutally murdered by your own men has that effect on people. I’m extremely interested in where he’ll go next. Since season 1, we’ve rarely seen Jon anywhere else but the Wall and beyond-the-wall. I think he deserves a nice retirement in sunny Dorne. Canasta with the Sandsnakes sounds delightful. 


Meanwhile, Ramsay Bolton is enjoying being warden of the north and one of his first major fealty gifts is none other than Rickon Stark, the boy-that-time-forgot. And with him was Gendry! Just kidding, Gendry’s still rowing. But seriously, can the Starks really not get a break? Just when you think one escapes, another one’s there to take her place. Sigh.


But let’s not forget about Bran Stark and all his cool time-travelling visions. Besides Jon Snow, he’s probably got the most exciting and revelatory storyline this season. Through his flashbacks we are starting to learn more about Ned, Hodor, the uprising against the Targaryens, and of course, Lyanna Stark. If you know about the R+L=J theory, then you are probably pumped for where these visions are about to go. The hype is palpable!


While a lot of stuff is happening in the cold north, things are a bit less exciting everywhere else. Our once go-to girl for an exciting storyline, Arya, is still fairly stagnant in the House of Black and White. Thankfully, it seems she’s done with being blind and beaten. I don’t think I could take much more of that. The most exciting thing I took away from her part of the episode was the mention of The Hound, which gives me hope that he’s still alive and eating chicken at a bar somewhere.

Not to be outdone on monotony, the Meereen stand-in government has a council where Tyrion literally voices how bored we are with that whole kingdom by begging for some juicy conversation, or at least a drinking game. Luckily, Varys has been busy as a bee and reveals that the masters of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis are behind the Sons of the Harpy uprising.  Strangely, what is not discussed is where Dany’s newly-released dragons are. Are we just going to pretend that whole thing didn’t happen? I guess that would be too exciting for Meereen.


Speaking of council meetings where nothing much happens, Jaime, Cersei and their Mountain Man try and fail at rejoining the big-kids table at King’s Landing. What does happen is a sweet burn by Olenna Tyrell who, upon reminding Cersei that she is not actually a queen because she did not marry a king, does accept how confusing things like that are in the Lannister family. That thorn pricked deep, Queen of Thorns.

What else? King Tommen is trying his best to be Kingy, just as Queen Daenerys is trying her best to be Queeny, but both are failing hard. Turns out no matter which kingdom you’re in, the true rulers are people in rags. Who knew?

Join us next Monday when we look at episode 4 and all the craziness it’s sure to hold. Can’t wait!

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