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Game of Thrones: "Book of the Stranger"

Posted by cirvine on May 16, 2016


I have spoilers. Come and see. Many spoilers. Come and see.

Hold up. Wait a second. Are we sure this is Game of Thrones? Because I could have sworn last night’s episode had some positive things happen in it! What!? I know—I’m as stunned as you are. We’re all so used to terrible thing after terrible thing happening in Westeros that it completely blows us away when we see a good thing happen. But good, dare I say, GREAT things did happen last night, not to mention a ton of girl power. Let’s take a look.

First of all, Sansa, the Queen of Bad Things Happening To Her, finally gets a smile on her face! In a scene that almost brought a tear to my eye, Sansa and Jon pretty much slow-motion run up to eachother at Castle Black and embrace after years of being apart. Everything that has happened to each of them seems to heal just a little bit as they enjoy soup and ale by the fire and talk about old times. Of course, Ramsay  “I’m The Worst Person Ever” Bolton has to ruin it with a nasty letter, but there’s a positive in that too: Sansa is finally showing a little hutzpah! Although Jon has had enough with fighting (and rightly so; it got him killed by his own men), Sansa is ready to take back her home and her dignity, with or without Jon. YOU. GO. GIRL.

Meanwhile, other long-lost siblings reunite over in Pyke, where a pathetic Theon seeks forgiveness from his sister, Yara. And like Sansa and Jon, this meeting shows again how the Game of Thrones women will not be stopped, no matter what. It turns out all Yara really needs from Theon is his support and to know that he will not try to take her spot as ruler of the Iron Islands.  Basically, “I’m glad you’re back, but stay out of my way.”

Speaking of potential rulers, Littlefinger is back in the game full throttle, ready to release the knights of the Vale and start walking the talk. Sidenote: Does anyone else think it’s crazy how fast Littlefinger gets around? It seems to take everyone else months or years to get where they want to go in Westeros, meanwhile Littlefinger is in a new country every episode it seems. Maybe his superspeed carriages are powered by his own sense of self-satisfaction.

Back in King’s Landing, King Tommen lets it slip that the High Sparrow plans to pull the “walk of shame” atonement on poor Queen Margaery, leading to an unexpected Lannister/Tyrell alliance. More good news! The High Sparrow is about to get his comeuppance. I, for one, hope that he’s forced to do his own walk of shame. Although on second thought, nobody wants to see what’s under that robe.

The most talked-about moment of the episode has to be the final scene when our leading lady Daenerys proves how awesome she is, again. At a special Dothraki council meeting that’s meant to decide her fate, Daenerys achieves the ultimate table-turn by reminding us again that she is fireproof and nobody else is. Boom! Will people never learn? You don’t mess with this girl, with or without her dragons! 

I have to say, this was my favourite episode this season by far. Not only did we see some major “drop the mic” moments, but we saw some long-awaited characters reunite, storylines progress, and female characters showing some uber-oppressive men that they will not be underestimated.  My faith in the show has been restored a little bit more and I’m beyond ready for next week’s episode!