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Game of Thrones: "Blood of my Blood"

Posted by cirvine on May 30, 2016


Spoilers ahead! Burn them all!

After last week’s punch to the heart we were left worried for the fates of Bran and Meera, now that their loyal protector Hodor is gone. Last night’s episode picked up right where we left off, and their new savior is actually an old favourite—Benjen Stark! Through some kind of magical, miraculous revival (not unlike his nephew’s, but of a different kind of magic) Benjen managed to survive the white walkers and become the one-man Kingsguard of the Three-Eyed Raven, who is now officially Bran.

These scenes confirm a popular fan-theory about the books, which is that the character Coldhands would be revealed to be Benjen Stark. Whereas the books wrap Coldhands in mystery and have yet to reveal who he really is, the show has gone ahead and done it all in just a couple of scenes. Although I’m happy Benjen’s back after so long, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed that Coldhands wasn’t built up a little more in the show before his reveal. He’s a really COOL character. Get it? COOL.


These couple of scenes also gave us a first-look at The Mad King Aerys Targaryen and his famous, “Burn them all” claim to fame, which has us wondering if it’s leading up to the theory of Bran being the whisperer that started it all. I still don’t know how I feel about that theory. I want to like Bran, I really do!

Speaking of The Mad King, the Kingslayer and Cersei just can’t get a break. At this point, if the Lannisters have a plan, you can probably bet on it backfiring on them. The High Sparrow definitely knows how to play the game. The question is, is Margaery outplaying him? At this point, she has very few enemies, if any. Her own house, King Tommen, the High Sparrow, the Lannisters (via an alliance), and the people of King’s Landing—everyone is on her side. How long can she maintain it though? Will Tommen see through her at last and realize she’s just like everybody else in this world, trying to get ahead? Time will tell.

Now over to Essos where Arya has finally done what she should have done a looooong time ago: she’s left the House of Black and White. Well, pretty much. All that’s left to do is stick that trainer girl with the pointy end and she can be off. That being said I will miss Jaqen H’Ghar. His way of speaking was hypnotizing. So where to, Arya? We’d love to see a Dany/Tyrion/Arya union, although those three houses joining up would be the strangest alliance ever. Maybe Arya’s meta encounter with the actress playing Cersei has reminded her of all the people she has left to kill, and she’ll make her way back to Cersei in King’s Landing.


The award for the cutest character this episode was definitely Gilly, who got a Pretty Woman makeover that delighted us just as much as Sam. Of course that delight lasted minimal seconds once they sat down with Sam’s crotchety old father, who is the exact opposite of Sam’ mother and sister who are all pretty much the nicest people in the world. Gilly’s outward makeover reflected Sam’s inward makeover, as he in the end stood up for his family and left, grabbing the sword that is (or will be) rightfully his. Where they’ll go next is the question, and isn’t it always?

Where a lot of people seem to be headed is Riverrun, where the Blackfish (Catelyn’s uncle) has apparently taken back his castle from the Freys, who we all hate for that Red Wedding business. Sansa and her team are heading that way to get alliances, Jaime’s going that way to take back the castle back, and the Freys are of course going to head there with their army to win it back as well. They revealed another long-lost character in their hostage—Edmure Tully (younger brother of Catelyn and Lysa)—who was last seen at the Red Wedding getting married to Roslin Frey in place of Robb. Knowing how the Freys operate, I doubt Edmure is long for this world.

Well although this episode wasn’t as action packed, it was a welcome build-up episode after the feel-storm that was “The Door”. We saw some old long-lost characters return, a couple of other characters stand up for themselves, and some big tables being turned in King’s Landing. Whether they will stay turned is a question left answered by next week’s episode. Can’t wait!


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