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Game of Thrones: "The Broken Man"

Posted by admin on June 6, 2016


Spoilers ahead! Who let the dogs out!

After a less than action packed week last week, I thought we were going to see something amazing. And the show’s creators started off on the right foot.  Last night’s episode picks up with a band of Seven worshippers who are led by a kind Septon.  Then “what The Hound?!” our old buddy the Sandor Clegane appears on screen living with the group – I never took him for the church going type.  The Septon having nursed The Hound back to health (after getting his chainmail handed to him by Brienne of Tarth) reminds Clegane that the Gods are not done with him yet, although for the poor Septon and all his followers this seems to be the case when they are attacked at their camp. This leaves The Hound on his own again, axe in hand and headed to who knows where.

From one Septon to the next, we move to the High Sparrow and simply clad Queen Margaery, where he asks her to lie back and think of Kings Landing and work on producing an heir for King Tommen - oh and one more little thing, to get that Grandmother of hers in line.  Like taming the Queen of Thornes is even possible!  But our dear Margaery is so like her Grandmother and is indeed outplaying the High Sparrow.  She asks her Grandmother to leave Kings Landing, while slipping her a note with a rose on it showing her allegiance to Highgarden.

Meanwhile in the North, Jon Snow and Sansa work on building their army to take back Winterfell and while they manage to get a few behind them, including the Wildlings and a whopping 62 soldiers from Bear Island and the House of Mormont, House Glover turns them down declaring the House of Stark dead – ouch.  Things aren’t looking great for the takeback of Winterfell.

Last episode we saw a large contingency heading towards Riverrun, to take it back from The Blackfish.  While the Frey’s made it there first, they are so inept that they let the Lannister army walk right through their lines and they baulked on their threat to kill Edmund Tully – I love to see the Frey’s be ridiculed.  Sir Jaime on the other hand (who was looking quite handsome in his battle gear) tried to parlay with the Blackfish to no avail – looks like there may be a Kingslayer-Blackfish battle royal heading our way soon.

We quickly visit the iron born brother and sister Yara and Theon Greyjoy as hey run towards Mereen and Daenerys Targaryen and away from their Uncle Euron.  Yara forces Theon to rediscover himself as she needs him in this journey, the pep talk seems to work and Theon gets his Greyjoy back.

Finally back over to Essos.  After leaving the House of Black and White Arya decides to head back to Westeros, but our trainer girl isn’t done with her yet. Just when we thought Ayra would stick her with needle and make all our wildest dreams come true, the many faced Gods pull a fast on our Arya and the trainer girl attacked her and pushed her in the water to die – Arya!   Thankfully we know her fate shortly afterwards, she emerges from the water to wander around Essos bleeding profusely – but we all know in our hearts that somehow, one way or another, this is not the end for Arya.  But, I think her list just grew by one name – or no name.

With the return of The Hound, a scheming Queen, a renewed Greyjoy and a seemingly mortally wounded Arya next week’s episode should be exciting.  Can’t wait!


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