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Game of Thrones: "Battle of the Bastards"

Posted by admin on June 20, 2016


Spoilers ahead! You know nothing Jon Snow

Ok, Sunday night’s episode made up for last week – holy cow, the action in this episode was amazing.

In Mereen we begin with the Mother of Dragons who wants to slaughter the slavers.  Tyrion, ever the diplomat, talks her into negotiating surrender.  The slavers offer some pretty bogus terms to which Daenerys replies that they were mistaken, it was her that was offering them a chance to surrender.  She then quickly hops on Drogon and cleans house with the aid of Rhaegal, Viscerion and her Dothraki horde.  Slavers and Sons of the Harpy be gone!  Later Dany meets with the Iron born brother sister duo, Theon and Yara, where they offer 100 ships if she helps them regain the Iron Islands and independence from the seven kingdoms.  These two tough ladies agree and make a pact – it was a pretty cool moment.


From there we travel north.  Jon and Sansa are staking their claim on Winterfell, they meet with Ramsay who offers them some bogus terms too, seems to be a theme. Jon offers one to one combat which Ramsay refuses – wimp.  Ramsay retorts by threatening Rickon, and proves to Jon and Sansa that he has him by tossing Shaggydog’s head at their feet. 

After the meeting, Jon and his team creates their battle plan but excludes Sansa.  She is critical of his plan and reminds her half-brother that she knows Ramsay better than all of his advisors.  Ramsay is evil, and she has lived through his torture, you know nothing Jon Snow, and you should have listened to her.

The morning of the Battle of the Bastards begins with Davos stumbling upon the pyre where Princess Shireen was sacrificed – finding the stag he gave her, he now knows she is dead. Let the mistrust of Melisandre begin again. 

The Battle of the Bastards was amazing, I think I need to watch it several times to really get all the complexities of the battle, but it was intense.  Ramsay really is evil and his warfare methods are proof.  Beginning with his game of making Rickon run for is life, only to take it away within his brother’s grasp and ending with suffocating trapped men in a circle of death was truly chilling.  


It appeared all was lost when Sansa and Littlefinger arrive with the Knights of the Vale, there is a beautiful moment where Sansa looks across at Ramsay to show him that he cannot control what she does.  The Bolton’s are stuck down and Ramsay runs to hide in the fortress of Winterfell, seemingly forgetting that Jon has a giant with him.  Wun Wun breaks open the gate but takes on serious injuries and succumbs finally when Ramsay shoots an arrow through his eye.  Wun Wun was possibly the last Giant to ever exist – RIP Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun.


Finally Ramsay asks for one to one combat and immediately starts shooting arrows at Jon.  The house of Marmot shield protects Jon from the arrows as he approaches Ramsay, and with cheers from my couch, Jon takes Ramsay down repeatedly beating him almost to death – really I’m not a fan of violence but this just worked for me.  He stops short when he sees Sansa, for the final blow should be hers.   


The Stark banners fly once again at Winterfell and Sansa visits Ramsay in his cell.  Like all Stark women, Sansa is strong and a force to be reckoned with, Ramsay tires to goad her but she has the upper hand.  With a brief but impactful speech to her abuser “Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear” and a smirk, Sansa lets Ramsay’s dogs have their cake and eat it too. A gruesome end to a gruesome character and a killer end to the episode.

Season finale next week, can’t wait!


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