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Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Sunday!

Posted by cirvine on April 22, 2016



Ok, so as many of you know, the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere happens this Sunday night. As an obsessed fan of both the books and the show, I join millions in being unbelievably excited. It’s been way too long since the season 5 finale, and so much has to be resolved in Westeros and beyond. Here’s a look at some of those plot points that have question marks, as well as a few things we’re just really stoked for about this upcoming season.

1) Is Jon Snow Really Dead?

There’s been endless debate on this fact but most people will tell you that there’s hope for Jonny boy yet—whether through warging into Ghost, becoming a wight (although that would really suck), or being revived by the red priestess. I mean it makes sense, right? Upon realizing her mistake of believing Stannis was the prophesied hero, Azor Ahai, Melisandre sped back to The Wall. Why would she go there of all places, besides having unfinished business there? To resurrect Jon and keep us all from going into a deep depression, that’s why. Oh, and let’s not forget the whole Jon actually being a Targaryen and being the true heir to the throne thing that needs to get sorted out still! He can’t die before that gets resolved!

2) What About Stannis?


Well, he definitely deserves to be after what he did to his daughter. But we never did actually see Brienne’s blade slice into Stannis, so there’s always the chance that he might be still be chillin’ by that tree. That being said, episode director David Nutter explained that the only reason they cut away from his death was that it would be “gratuitous” (ya, because they never had gratuitous scenes before that), and asserted that Stannis is definitely dead. BUT IS HE? Probably. BUT MAYBE NOT. But probably.

3) And the Hound?

Ok, I swear I’ll stop talking about whether people are dead or not. This one has real hope though. We know he’s as stubborn as they come, and has definitely survived his share of life-threatening situations in the past. Plus, Cleganebowl has to happen.

4) Where’s Gendry?
For realz, he’s been rowing for like, ever. Check out where the cast thinks Gendry is.

5) What’s Bran Been Up To?

From the look of him in the trailers, he’s been hiding away in the northern caves going through puberty! It will be nice to see him, Hodor and Meera back in action again. What purpose they have left to play in the Game of Thrones remains a mystery but I have a feeling that wise tree, three-eyed-raven dude knows what’s up.


1) For Sansa to Stop Being a Damsel in Distress (and Theon too)!

I’m ready for Sansa to take a page out of Daenerys’ book and start standing up for herself and her family! Since season 1, she’s had all the most awful things that could happen to a person happen to her, multiple times. It’s about time we saw her rise up and show the world what the Starks are really made of! Maybe it will inspire Theon to cast aside his Reek alter ego and put the “joy” back in Greyjoy again! ;)

2) Lady Stoneheart?
A Song of Ice and Fire book readers are desperately hoping for a sighting of Lady Stoneheart this season. I think this could be our year, folks!

3) The FrankenMountain is Ready to Rumble


Are you as excited as I am to see what Maester Qyburn’s monster is capable of? The FrankenMountain looks terrifying. Cersei is lucky to have him on her side.

4) A Change in Melisandre’s “Holier Than Thou” Attitude

Have you ever made a bet with someone about a fact that you were so sure was right, like a 100%, just to be humiliated by how wrong you were? That’s about what Melisandre’s feeling right now. Her monumental “woops” in sacrificing the innocent princess, Shireen, and putting all her eggs in the Stannis basket are now backfiring bigtime. It will be nice to see a different side of her than the one-dimensional “I know everything” woman we’re used to. She’s human like everyone else after all.

5) Less Dorne
There’s no doubt that what the show did with the Dorne storyline was less than great. At the start of season 5 I was excited to see what they would do with Arianne Martell and the Sand Snakes, but not only did they completely erase Arianne Martell, but the Sand Snakes were not as awesome as I had hoped (they join Daario for the Worst Book-to-TV Characterization Award). I for one will be glad to see less of them and that whole country, as it was such a letdown. Hopefully what they do with the Greyjoy storyline will make up for it!

5) For Daenerys to be out of Meereen

If you’ve read the ASOIAF books, you know that the stalled momentum of the Daenerys storyline is just as real in the show as in the books. It will be nice to see what Tyrion does with Meereen and if it’s any more enjoyable than what Daenerys was doing there. In the meantime, I’m glad to see her doing the whole déjà vu thing with the Dothraki riders. Can she make them her allies again and build up her army that much more? Or will they blame her for Khal Drogo’s death?

6) Baelish to be back in King’s Landing

Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger, is back in King’s Landing and has definitely stirred things up. Having abandoned Sansa to the worst person in the history of anything, Roose Bolton, he’s now making power-strides in the Red Keep. For starters, he’s promised the army of the Vale to attack whoever’s left after the Bolton/Baratheon battle. Then, after being blackmailed by the best grandma in the history of anything, Lady Olenna Tyrell, Littlefinger makes Lancel Lannister admit to having slept with his cousin Cersei, leading to her arrest and the ultimate walk of shame, shame, shame! Will Littlefinger be able to keep juggling all these houses he’s made promises to? I hope so, if he wants to keep his head!

Well, that’s just a few of the plot points that hopefully get ironed out a bit in this next season. After going through everything we’re looking forward to, I’m beyond pumped up now. Sunday can’t come soon enough!

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