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Fearfully Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Posted by cfeehan on October 30, 2015


Halloween is right around the corner, which means we don’t have to wait much longer for all of the frightful festivities! One of the best things about Halloween is that you can make it into whatever you want it to be – whether it’s a fun, lighthearted celebration for kids, complete with candy corn and princess and pirate costumes, or a dark and ghostly jubilee where you can finally bring our your most dreadful decorations and disguises. Whatever Halloween means to you, you better hope you’re prepared for the main event – the Halloween party! This blog contains a bunch of Halloween party ideas for every kind of holiday-goer.

Food and Drinks

I’m going to be honest with you; food was the first thing I thought of when I thought of Halloween parties. But Halloween food has always been a touchy subject – you want it to fit the holiday, but you don’t want it to gross people out so much that they won’t eat it. Here are some ideas that are cute and easy, and won’t send anyone running.

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies


Mummy Hot Dogs


Witch’s Brew Punch


And if you decide to provide bottled beverages, there’s always this innovative drink cooler idea!



This part isn’t necessary, but sometimes it’s fun to give your party a theme. Is there a specific horror movie you love? Are vampires your thing? Do you and your friends like dressing up as Star Wars characters every year? Narrowing down your focus can help you plan out the other elements to your party, like invitations, costumes, and food! Here’s some inspiration, in case you still don’t know if you’d like to have a theme:

  • Murder mystery party
  • Willy Wonka party
  • Zombie party
  • Harry Potter party
  • Fear Factor party

There are so many themes you can choose from – search “Halloween party themes” on Google if you want more inspiration!


Now, we don’t want your guests to be bored, right? There are a ton of fun Halloween game ideas for people of all ages online. Some of my favourites are below.

Pumpkin ring toss

This one could be fun for kids for adults, because the ring and pumpkin sizes can be modified to change the difficulty. Set up as many pumpkins as you want (suggestion: 6 in a triangle format), stand a couple of metres away, then throw the rings at the pumpkin stems. If you get a ring on a stem, you win!

pumpkin_ring_toss.jpgHalloween Mystery boxes

This one is not for the squeamish. It involves putting totally normal foods into containers that the unsuspecting victim cannot see into, and telling them it’s something else, or not telling them at all! It’s not really dangerous or gross; it just gives off that illusion! Here’s a picture that will give you some ideas of what to put into the mystery boxes:


Don’t let this hinder your imagination – go ahead and come up with more slimy edible alternatives to fool you guests!


Monster doors

This one is really cool, and you can get your kids to help make it. All you need is some construction paper, streamers, fake spider webs, or any other material you think would look good, as well as an adhesive of some sort that will come off of your front door easily. Just cut out the shapes you need and voila! Monster door. Aside from the ideas in the pictures below, I also think your door could look really cool as Frankenstein, a ghost, a vampire, or a jack-o-lantern.


Halloween balloons

This decoration is really simple, but really cute. All you need are some orange and white balloons and a brand new, thick-tipped black permanent marker. Then, draw ghostly features or jack-o-lantern faces onto your balloons and they become instantly festive!



Don’t forget the old classic – decorate your party with your own carved pumpkins! Check out our recent Execublog post for some ideas.

No matter how you choose to decorate, what food you choose to serve, or even what activities you have planned for your guests, we at Execulink hope you have a freakishly fantastic Halloween!











Caitlin Feehan, Blogger & Editor

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