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Welcome to CraveTV’s Letterkenny

Posted by cirvine on March 15, 2016


Get out your bag of all-dressed chips and your fancy belt you got at Winners because we’re takin’ a trip to Letterkenny today, boys. Pitter-patter, let’s get at ‘er.

Letterkenny is a Canadian TV show in every sense of the word. I don’t think I’ve watched anything more Canadian actually, and I’ve watched an entire session of parliament on CPAC (just kidding, that’s impossible). The show is set in rural-Canada, where keeping the coyotes and the worm-pickers out of your bean field is just about as concerning as trying to get your home team to win a hockey game.

The show is the brainchild of Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney, and is also CraveTV’s first original series. The 6-episode series spawned from Keeso and Tierney’s wildly popular Youtube channel, “Letterkenny Problems” (NSFW), which boasted millions of views since its debut in 2013. Of course, both are inspired by the actual town of Listowel, which might as well be my own small town of Kintore, or any small town in Canada for that matter.

The small-town feel is really the whole magic behind Letterkenny and what makes it so hilarious—it’s so spot on. From the way the hockey players chirp everyone else in town to the way the hicks chat about nothing for hours by the produce stand, the dialogue alone would make any small-town Canadian proud. But even if you haven’t experienced that lifestyle, the humour is undeniable.

In that way it’s akin to Trailer Park Boys: it takes the stereotypes of a certain kind of Canadian lifestyle and amplifies them to absurdity so everyone can enjoy. Also like TPB, it relies heavily on R-rated jokes and language, so do not--I repeat--do not watch this with your little ones!

With only 6 half-hour episodes under their belt, they have already made me a loyal fan. The one-liners alone are enough to keep watching (“What’s the nature of that, David Suzuki?!”) I’m not sure what exactly happened in those 6 episodes, but whatever it was I want more of it.

You can watch Letterkenny on CraveTV.  Click here for more information.