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Sports to Watch this Spring

Posted by amustard on April 26, 2016


Sports fans rejoice! We are now smack dab in the middle of what many would call the most exciting time of the year in the world of sports. The NHL and NBA are well into their playoffs and baseball teams are finding their grooves as we are about a month into the Major League Baseball season.

Last September, we went over the sporting events you should look forward to in the fall. Today, we will give you a preview of the sports to watch this spring, as well as the channels that Execulink customers can catch all the action on.


NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs began a few weeks ago, and hockey fans have been in for a treat.

In the past 4 years, either The Chicago Blackhawks or the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup. Both teams have already been eliminated so we will see a new champion this year, which is great for the game.

We have seen NHL superstar Sidney Crosby hit his stride in the playoffs, after a slow start in the 2015/2016 season. After easily defeating the New York Rangers, Crosby’s Penguins are set to face his arch enemy Alexander Ovechkin and the Stanley Cup favourite Washington Capitals in a 2nd round match up.

The San Jose Sharks and St Louis Blues seem to have shaken their playoff struggles with a 1st round wins and superstar John Tavares has come out of his shell to help the New York Islanders overcome the Florida Panthers who had a very successful season. The Tampa Bay Lightning overcame injuries to defeat the Detroit Red Wings, who made the playoffs for an astonishing 25 years straight.

Although no Canadian teams made the playoffs this year, there are plenty of Canadian players participating in the post season to cheer for this year.

Execulink channels to watch the NHL Playoffs

  • CBC (ch 05) and CBC HD (ch 205)
  • Sportsnet (ch 44) & Sportsnet HD (ch 244) 

A full schedule (including channels where the games will be broadcasted) can be found HERE.

Don’t worry Leaf fans, there’s some excitement coming our way this week as well. The 2016 NHL Draft lottery takes place this Saturday night which will let us know which order teams will pick at this year’s draft. The Leafs have the best odds to select first in the draft, giving them the opportunity to pick up top prospect Auston Matthews. I’m already picking a spot on Yonge St for the Stanley Cup Parade next June.

NBA Playoffs

Those of you who aren’t impressed by the lack of Canadian teams in the NHL playoffs – fear not – we still have a Canadian team that is playoff-bound. After a record-breaking NBA regular season, the Toronto Raptors scooped up the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference, facing the Indiana Pacers. Although the Raps don’t have the best reputation of making it far in the playoffs, and they have had a sub-par performance in the first 4 games against the Pacers – Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan have the skills, passion and support of an entire nation to turn some heads and make a real push for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy this year. #WeTheNorth

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, despite being the most criticized top seed in the history of basketball (who fires their coach when they are in 1st place), have a solid chance at redemption after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals last year in King James’ return season to Cleveland.

After an early injury to MVP Steph Curry, the Warriors (who had a 73-9 season) will have to look to their other stars if they have any chance to reclaim their title. Also watch out for the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat to make some noise.


Execulink channels to watch the 2016 NBA Playoffs

  • TSN (ch 28), TSN2 (ch 128), TSN HD (ch 228) & TSN2 HD (ch 229) 
  • Sportsnet (ch 44), Sportsnet HD (ch 244) 
  • Sportnset One (ch 132) & Sportnet One HD (ch 232) 

A full schedule (including channels where the games will be broadcasted) can be found HERE.


Major League Baseball

Let’s play ball – or rather, let’s watch ball. How could any Canadian forget the late-season push and playoff drive made by our beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Last September, we complied our favourite 2015 Blue Jays moments – and this was before the insanity that was the 7th inning of the ALDS Game 5. Definitely the craziest inning of baseball I have ever watched, capped off by an unforgettable Jose Baustista home run (and bat flip). I’ll take any excuse to relive that moment.

Although this year is being marketed as ‘History is Now’, the Toronto Blue Jays have their work cut out for them if this is truly #OurMoment. Despite losing ace David Price and a slow 10-11 start, you cannot deny the abilities of American Leauge MVP Josh Donaldson, Baustista, Troy Tulowitzki, Edwin Encarnacion, Marcus Stroman, Kevin Pillar and many more. Wow, that line up sure has some depth – just typing it out increased my confidence for the boys in blue.

Execulink channels to watch the MLB season

  • Sportsnet  (ch 44) & Sportsnet HD (ch 244) 
  • Sportsnet One (ch 132) & Sportsnet One HD (ch 232)   

A full schedule (including channels that games will be broadcasted on) can be found HERE.

Important Dates

  • Home Run Derby – July 11th
  • All-Star Game – July 12th
  • Playoffs begin October 3rd

We hope you enjoy the spring sports schedule. If you are an Execulink TV customer and would like some more information on the channels these sports are featured on, please give our office a call at 1-877-393-2854.


Andrew Mustard, Marketing Coordinator

Devoted Leafs fan through the good and the bad - mostly bad. Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario - with more swag than Bieber. Success isn’t a maybe - it’s a must.