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Spy is Femtastic Fun

Posted by cirvine on September 28, 2015


Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids, has hit more box office gold with the help of Melissa McCarthy in Spy. With laughs all the way through, great action scenes and some glamorous settings, this film keeps you entertained from start to finish.

First and foremost, the film is a parody of the James Bond franchise, and mimics those films’ dashing frontmen with the role of Bradley Fine, played by Jude Law. Fine is an over-the-top egomaniac who relies utterly on the help of his desk-jockey partner, Susan (Melissa McCarthy), whose pitiable love for Fine has kept her in his shadow. But her fortune changes when she must step up and become the active CIA agent that she always wanted to be. 

Through McCarthy’s transformation from a shy, awkward sidekick to a strong, self-reliant heroine, the theme of feminism comes to the surface. But Susan is just one powerful female in this movie. We have Susan’s boss, played by Allison Janney, as well as Rose Byrne’s villainous character, Rayna Boyanov. All three of these women are smart, skillful, independent women that have taken on the roles most often reserved for men in these types of films.

But let us not downplay the men in Spy. Jason Statham for instance is at his best as a hard-hitting rogue agent who plays by his own rules and is doubtful of Susan’s ability. Because Statham is known for his tough, action roles, his exaggerated version of that in this movie is hilarious, and unexpected from someone that we often see as a serious actor.

I won’t give away the jokes but expect to see some slapstick, some wit, but mostly, it’s just over-the-top fun. I won’t say it’s as good as Bridesmaids, but you’ll definitely get some laughs from this one.

You can catch Spy on Execulink’s VOD channel (100) from Sept. 29th to February 28th, 2016.