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Star Wars Week: Which Order is Best?

Posted by cirvine on December 14, 2015


As all you Star Wars fangeeks know, the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, comes out this Friday, December 18th. Yes, it’s very exciting, and yes, I’ll give you a moment to stop screaming and collect yourself. Ready? Ok. In anticipation for the movie we are devoting this week’s blog posts to every geek’s number one movie franchise. So get your hair bunned up on the sides of your head and turn your lightsabers on full blast, because it’s Star Wars Week!

So You’re Rewatching All the Star Wars Movies…

These days your priority list probably looks something like the following:

1. Watch all the Star Wars movies again before Friday.
2. Watch them all again, again.
3. Finish Stormtrooper cosplay for Friday.

There are two problems with watching all the movies over again. The first one is finding the time to do so, and unfortunately we can’t help you with that one (take the week off… I think you’re feeling a flu coming on). The second problem is what order to watch them in.

There are 3 basic ways you can watch the movies and each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Episodic Order

Simply watch the movies in order from the I-VI. This gives you the whole story from start to finish and sets you up nicely for the new movie. However, if you’re watching it with kids or someone who has never seen them before, watching the movies this way will ruin a major plot twist that is basically the coolest moment in Star Wars.

Release Order

Another way is watching them in the order they were created: IV-VI, and then I-III. The advantage of this way is that any newbies watching with you will experience Star Wars as many other fans did. Episode IV is also a great, “Welcome to the Star Wars Universe” movie. This way also keeps the integrity of the plot points intact, so that you can enjoy that the first three episodes lead up to what you saw in the last three. The downside of this is that after the greatness of Episodes IV-VI, you have to sit through what many fans agree are three disappointing prequels.

Machete Order

The final way to watch is an order that was recently introduced by computer software blogger, Rod Hilton in 2011. Here’s the order he suggests is the absolute best way to watch: IV, V, II, III, VI. Yes, that’s right. Leave out Episode I altogether. Most fan critics claim it’s garbage in every way and doesn’t really add anything to the overall story. Skip it. What people like about Machete Order is that creates an engaging narrative, that allows you to have the main plot points of the later episodes unraveled by flashbacks from the prequels. In this way it preserves all plot twists and arguably makes them more effective. It also almost completely removes the most annoying character in the series, Jar Jar Binks. Meesa sorry, Jar Jar, but yousa awful.Order.png

Whatever order you choose, it’s pretty much universally agreed that you shouldn’t watch the versions of Episodes IV-VI that George Lucas manipulated with CGI and other add-ons. Though the changes might seem small, this blogger argues that they make a HUGE difference. I would have to agree.

In conclusion I want to leave you with this amazing recommendation from Mashable on how to watch the movies, which I personally think is the BEST way.

Good luck with your watching, and as Jabba would say, “Kaa bazza kundee hodrudda!” (Let the challenge begin!)



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