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Best Free Apps to Help You Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal

Posted by cirvine on October 9, 2015


Stumped about what to make this Thanksgiving? We got your back, with these popular and uber-useful apps for your tablet and phone. Whether you just want to try something new, or you need to find a substitute for butter for your vegan aunt, these apps will help you master your Thanksgiving meal and deliver up something scrumptious for your whole family.



iOS, Android, Windows

BigOven doesn’t use that name ironically—BigOven is big. They boast a database of over 350,000 recipes. But besides a variety of recipes, BigOven has many other practical cooking uses. You can download meal plans and even get a grocery list for that plan. You can search recipes based on time of day, season, dietary restrictions or kind of food type. One section that perked my interest in particular was the leftovers function: type in the random food you have in your fridge or pantry and BigOven will give you a variety of recipes that use all of those ingredients.


iOS, Android, Windows

Epicurious is like your own personal warehouse for recipes. It compiles them from all over the internet and lets you save them in one convenient spot. You can search for recipes based on categories like main ingredient, kid friendly, dish type and occasion (like Thanksgiving!). You can also find grocery lists for each recipe and save it to a master list that you can view at the grocery store or market. Some other convenient perks include the smart timer which can deliver a notification to your phone when you need to flip something or turn the heat down!



Your Thanksgiving meal can be a frustrating time if you have a lot of allergies or food preferences amongst your family and friends. The substitution tool allows you to choose from a list of allergies or preferences and presents suitable alternatives to those ingredients or dishes. It comes loaded with options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free guests, and more. You can also just substitute an ingredient if you don’t like it. For me, I’d say getting rid of all anchovies in recipes would be a good place to start.



EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry

iOS, Android

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t had much time to think about what to prepare. If you’re running short on time this weekend, you might be tempted to just go out and get a bucket of KFC for Thanksgiving. Never fear, Healthy in a Hurry is here. Within the app there are loads of quick and healthy meals, which you don’t even need internet access to look at. It also lists their nutrition facts and benefits, like “good for a healthy heart” or “good for immune system”-- tips which might come in handy if you have any elderly or ill people at your table this year.


Food Network in the Kitchen

iOS, Android

If you can’t get enough of the Food Network, you can now get it on your phone and tablet and easily access all those delicious recipes you see on your TV, but at the pace you want!  There are thousands of awesome recipes, searchable by chef, course, food type and more. Other awesome perks include a unit converter to figure out volume or weight, and a multi-timer for meals with multiple dishes in them.

Although they can’t physically make the meal for you, they can sure help make you more organized and get you on your way. Hopefully the next generation of cooking apps will come with a set of hands that magically makes the whole meal for you. A girl can dream right?


Candice Irvine, Blogger, Marketing Specialist, Graphic Designer

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