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Tomorrowland is a Ton of Action-Packed Family Fun

Posted by cfeehan on October 19, 2015


“The future” is a term that may excite you, make you a little uncomfortable, or downright scare you. This is probably because you have no idea what it could hold, and this is an idea that the film Tomorrowland explores captivatingly.

The movie is about Casey, a teenager who is somewhat of a visionary in her town. Her and her classmates are constantly learning about what’s going wrong in the world, and all she wants to know is what she can do to fix it. One day, a mysterious pin finds its way into her hands and as soon as she touches it, she’s transported to an alternate reality with futuristic architecture, space crafts, and people flying around on jetpacks. It looks like something out of a pamphlet for “utopia” – clean, bright, and full of amazing technology. However, the pin soon runs out of power, and she needs to enlist the help of Frank Walker, a genius who may be her only hope of getting back to Tomorrowland.

The futuristic scenes in this movie are spectacular, to say the least. That aspect alone was enough to make me want to visit this fantastical land! And coupled with that, the technology showcased in Tomorrowland was really cool. The transportation systems, the robots…okay, I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say that seeing all of this awesome technology really opens up your imagination and makes you think of what YOU would invent in this perfect world if given the chance.

Speaking of imagination, I’d say that this movie is largely geared toward a younger audience. It has some kid-friendly jokes, one of the main characters is a child and the other is a teenager, and overall, the style of the movie is a bit juvenile. That being said, there are futuristic weapons in the movie which allows for a few battle scenes. Although there is no blood or gore on display, use your discretion when watching with your kids! And this isn’t to say that adults can’t enjoy it too – there were a lot of action-packed scenes after Frank shows up, and it’s tied together with a larger message that you’re likely to appreciate.

The casting for this movie was great, but I do wish that George Clooney appeared earlier in the movie because his character added a lot to the plot! Clooney played the cynical Frank Walker, the genius who has deep ties to Tomorrowland from his past. He did a good job in the role, and supported his younger co-workers well. The ambitious and assertive Casey Newton was played very well by Britt Robertson, who you may know as Sophia from The Longest Ride or as Angie from the TV series Under the Dome. Raffey Cassidy, who played Athena, did a great job in her role, especially since she was only 12 years old when filming the movie. Finally, it was fun to see Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) play the bad guy, and Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key both had a funny cameo in the movie that was sure to get a laugh or two, especially if you’re familiar with their other work.

Tomorrowland was an exciting family-friendly movie that had an inspiring message and was packed with action and imagination. It has something to offer kids as well as adults, and really encourages creativity and big ideas. I’d recommend it if you enjoy watching movies with your kids, but you just need a break from all of the animated films out there. Plus, you can’t go wrong with George Clooney.

You can find Tomorrowland on Execulink’s VOD channel (ch.100) from Oct.13th to Jan 13th, 2015.


Caitlin Feehan, Blogger & Editor

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