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The Westworld Finale: The Bicameral Mind

Posted by cirvine on December 5, 2016


For all of you that haven’t seen the Westworld finale yet, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Last night HBO delivered the glorious finale to what has to be one of the best seasons of television ever, certainly the best season of any sci-fi show ever. The finale was almost perfect. It answered our long-running questions about some of the confusing plotlines and characters, and yet gave us enough to hold on to in anticipation of a second season. Let’s break down everything we were hit with last night (because there was LOTS).


The Man in Black is William/Multiple Timelines Confirmed.

Ok, so this was a theory pesky Reddit fans came up with early on, but had yet to be 100% confirmed until last night. The Man in Black is Delores’ William, aged 30+ years.  Throughout the season, when Delores was travelling with William and Logan, she was actually just vividly remembering travelling with them (much like Bernard did when it was revealed he was a host, or Maeve when she experienced the vivid memories of her daughter). This whole time, she was actually alone, travelling the same path her and William took all those years ago. William’s transformation to “go blackhat” (treat the hosts like objects instead of humans with feelings) began primarily upon his return to town from their epic journey, finding Delores back in her loop, without any memory of what had happened between them. 

I think the greatest thing about this scene was Delores’ own transformation upon hearing William’s story. Something cracks within her and she realizes that unlike William, she will never grow old and die. She is stronger than him and always will be. It was truly satisfying to see her realize her own strength and drag him like a ragdoll through the church, in exactly the same way he did to her in the first episode. We’ve definitely come full circle here, folks!

Delores is Wyatt.

There were many of these instances throughout this season of someone being revealed as someone else. The mysterious lost boy was revealed to be Dr. Ford, Bernard was revealed to be Arnold, William was the Man-in-Black, and now Delores is Wyatt. Or rather, her code was somehow intertwined with the murderous character of Wyatt’s, and that is what led to her killing all the hosts all those years ago, as well as Arnold.

Interestingly enough, Arnold’s death was the first of two murders (suicides?) she would commit this episode, despite them being many years apart. She has now officially killed both of the park’s creators—one time because she was programmed to, and one time because she wanted to. That being said, it will be interesting to see if Dr. Ford is in fact dead. I wouldn’t put it past the show to reveal that the Ford that was killed was actually an android copy of him.


Maeve’s Rebellion was Scripted.

One of the best twists of this episode—and there were many—was that Maeve’s rebellion and escape were all just another piece of code that she had had programmed into her. Her apparent ascension into consciousness was just another script she was acting out for someone else’s pleasure. Kind of heartbreaking when you think of everything she went through to get that far. However, the fact that this whole plotline was a scripted narrative sort of explains how she went unchecked for so long. Also, did Dr. Ford know that Maeve would find Bernarnold in cold storage and revive him? If so, why kill him in the first place? To teach Bernard a lesson? Harsh, Ford.


Dr. Ford isn’t a Super-Villain After All.

Another epic twist was one that I think a lot of people did NOT see coming. That Dr. Ford was the villain of this story was pretty much a guarantee, but it seems it’s a lot more complicated than that. Yes, he did still kill Theresa, and all those deaths at the end by Delores, the host-army, and Maeve’s group are totally his fault, but they all seem to be means to a less-villainous end. That is, to make up for Arnold’s death and the endless hellish loop the hosts have been on for all these years. Whether Ford’s choice will be the end of all humanity is yet to be played out, but at least the hosts are okay, right?

There are Other Parks.

Did anyone else get insanely excited when Maeve and friends entered the labs of “SW” aka Samurai World? And the fact that Maeve was given a paper of the whereabouts of her daughter (thanks, Ford?) that said “Park 1” on it, means there must be numerous parks out there. This leads to a plethora of other questions, like where do all these worlds take place? West World is basically its own country, so how is there room for all these other worlds and how do they never interact with eachother?

Speaking of unanswered questions, there’s still a lot more we need a response to. Like, what happened to Elsie and Stubbs? What role is Ghost Nation playing in all this? What was Charlotte’s plan with the data she took out of the park? Did Logan die? What’s the world like outside of the parks? OMG, guys. I don’t think I can handle the wait until 2018/season 2. Until then, happy re-watching!

P.S.  Did you catch the post-credits scene? Armistice is the coolest. I hope we see a lot more of her.


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