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Highlights From Wrestlemania 32

Posted by amustard on April 4, 2016



Wrestlemania is considered the Superbowl for wrestling fans. Sports entertainment is a year-round industry, but this event is considered a benchmark for the success of the WWE. If last night’s event was any indication, World Wrestling Entertainment is as popular as ever. Wrestlemania 32 broke the all-time attendance record for this event (hosted at AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys), and was also one of the highest grossing live events of all time.

Execulink TV customers caught all the suplexes, duplexes, stunners and chokeslams on our Pay Per View service, and boy, were they in for a treat.

I have to admit that my appreciation for wrestling isn’t as strong as it was in the late 90’s during the Attitude Era. My brother and I would watch Monday Night Raw every week, cheering for our favourites including The Rock, Mankind, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. My teenage love for wrestling is still evident in my adult life, my 2015 Halloween costume is proof of that. 


Anyone who considers themselves a serious wrestling fan would have caught this major event last night, except for maybe Brendan Dasssey (sorry Making A Murderer fans – too soon?).

For you casual or non-wrestling fans, we thought today would be a good opportunity to catch you up on last night’s festivities. Here is our top 5 moments from last night’s Wrestlemania 32.

Surprise Appearance From Wrestling Legends

After beating ‘The New Day’ in one of the earlier matches, ‘Leauge of Nations’ member King Barret took the microphone and started bragging about how his group were the toughest guys in WWE history.

Taking offense to this outrageous statement, WWE legends Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and the Texas Rattlesnake himself – Stone Cold Steve Austin showed us who truly was the toughest wrestlers of all time and enjoyed a few beverages, classic Stone Cold style, in the ring afterwards.


John Cena Helps His Rival The Rock Take On the Wyatt Family

After the Rock defeated Erick Rowan in a record breaking 6 seconds, he was attacked by the remaining Wyatt Family. Cue former rival John Cena’s (who is recovering from an injury) entrance music as he ran down to help the Hollywood A-Lister. It was a treat for fans to see two of the most popular wrestlers on the same side, especially since both were not expected to perform this year.

Check out Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Instragram for some behind the scenes Wrestlemania moments, as well as many touching moments with his fans. The People’s Champ is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood.


NBA Legend Shaq Participates in the ‘Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale’

Wrestlemania’s annual ‘Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale’ – in which 16+ wrestlers battle it out to crown the last man standing as the winner – had a special guest this year.

Former NBA MVP Shaquille O’Neal showed up last minute to participate in the match. Although he was eliminated early, he had an entertaining encounter with his wrestling rival Big Show (yes, this is not the first WWE event Shaq has participated in). Watch how excited Shaq is to perform in this massive event as he sprints down to the ring after being introduced.


Roman Reigns wins WWE World Heavyweight title

The main event of the evening had wrestler Triple H’s WWE World Heavyweight title on the line against Roman Reigns. Although many wrestling fans complained that this match was lackluster, I personally decided to include it as I was never much of a HHH fan, so I enjoyed him losing his belt.

In Hunter Hearst Helmsley’s defence, he paid tribute to fallen rocker Lemmy from Motörhead (who was a big wrestling supporter) on his boot. Regardless of your opinion of Mr. Stephanie McMahon – that is a class act.


Shane McMahon Jumps 30 Feet off Cage to Elbow The Undertaker

This is the moment you might have overheard your co-workers or classmates discussing at the watercooler this morning. Shane McMahon, son of WWE majority owner Vince McMahon, battled wrestling legend The Undertaker in a cage. If Shane lost, he would no longer be part of his family business.

After the Undertaker was  down and out laying on the announcer’s table, McMahon jumped off the top of the cage to deliver an elbow to the Demon of Death Valley. He would later lose the match after an Undertake piledriver and was taken to the hospital shortly after.

You have to admire McMahon’s dedication.


Wrestlemania 33 is scheduled for April 2nd, 2017 at the Orlando Citrus Bowl. This event, along with many live sporting and other entertainment events, will be available on Execulink’s Pay Per View service.


Andrew Mustard, Marketing Coordinator

Devoted Leafs fan through the good and the bad - mostly bad. Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario - with more swag than Bieber. Success isn’t a maybe - it’s a must.