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YouTube Tips & Tricks

Posted by amustard on January 28, 2016



Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has been a staple in many people’s lives. It’s our go-to spot to catch up on the latest Jimmy Fallon skits, Instructional videos to repair our cars, music videos for our parties or even to re-watch our favourite commercials. If there is video footage out there, chances are that you can find it on YouTube.

We thought we would use this blog post as an opportunity to explore some tips and tricks you can use while watching videos on YouTube.

Share a Video That Starts at a Specific Time

When sending a YouTube video to a friend, it can be helpful to can send a link that starts the video at a particular time - perhaps when a certain joke is said, a song comes on, or during a critical part of the plot.

To do this, right click on the screen at the time in which you would like your link to start at. Then, click ‘Copy video URL at current time’. When you send that link, the video should open at this exact time.

For example, here is the video of Adele doing “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden. The link should start right when Adele starts rapping like Nicki Minaj - https://youtu.be/Nck6BZga7TQ?t=627

Default Videos To Play In HD

Tired of always upgrading the quality to High Definition when watching YouTube videos? If you are always going to do watch in HD, why not make it the default resolution?

Go to your YouTube Settings (Click your avatar in the top right corner of any YouTube screen and click the gear icon to access settings), then click on ‘Playback’ options. Choose ‘Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size’, click ‘Save’.


Keyboard Shortcuts

To save some time and energy, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts when watching a YouTube video.

  • m - mute
  • k – pause or play
  • j – rewind 10 seconds
  • l – fast forward 10 seconds
  • Numbers 1 to 9 – jump to 10% or 90% of the video
  • Number 0 – go to the beginning of the video

Don’t throw out your mouse just yet, you will need it to browse through videos, etc. If you are keyboard savvy, try visiting www.youtube.com/leanback and take control of YouTube by only using your keyboard.


Delete Videos from Your YouTube Watch History

Sometimes, you just want to eliminate all proof that you were watching a Justin Bieber concert (from his EARLY career obviously, millennials are telling me it’s cool to listen to the Biebs now) or any other embarrassing videos.

On the left hand side of your YouTube home page, click ‘History’. You will then be brought to a screen listing your previously viewed videos. Beware, reading this list may evoke feelings of shame or even cause you to re-evaluate your online habits.

You can clear all your video history by clicking ‘Clear all watch history’ plus you can disable video history by clicking ‘Pause watch History’. You can also delete individual videos by clicking the ‘X’ next to that specific video.

Quick heads up – this will NOT delete these videos from your browser history ;).

Change Video Speed (Slow Motion & Fast Forward)

Are you the type of YouTube user who watches instructional videos? If you are anything like me, you are constantly rewinding the video in order to keep up with the tutorials. There is a way to slow down a video so you can follow along at your own pace -  you can also speed videos up if you enjoy hearing people talk in chipmunk voices (who doesn’t).

To change the speed of a YouTube video, click the settings gear in the bottom right corner of the video. There you will see the word ‘Speed’, which will be defaulted to normal.

Click ‘Speed’ and you will have the option to increase or decrease the pace of the video.


Easter Eggs & Other Fun Stuff

Similar to other Google services, YouTube has many hidden tricks and easter eggs for users to find. They might not increase productivity, but they sure are fun. Try a few below.

  • Type ‘Doge meme’ in your YouTube search bar to make your results (and other YouTube fonts) more colourful.

  • Type ‘Do the Harlem Shake’ in your YouTube search bar and the results will start jumping all over the page – similar to the 2013 viral dance.
  • Type ‘Use the Force Luke’ into your YouTube search bar and the returned videos will move around, almost as if you are using the force (from Star Wars). It feels like you are moving things around with your mind.

These tips and tricks will either increase your productivity or cause more procrastination and distraction in your life – either way we hope they help you navigate and use YouTube more efficiently.



Andrew Mustard, Marketing Coordinator

Devoted Leafs fan through the good and the bad - mostly bad. Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario - with more swag than Bieber. Success isn’t a maybe - it’s a must.