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business-internet-ethernetcable.jpgEthernet Over Cable Internet

A secure dedicated Layer 2 ethernet service that gives high performance and lower packet drop than standard High Speed Cable Internet service. It is a cost effective solution yet offers fibre-like quality

  • Download speeds up to 50Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 10Mbps
  • Secure and scalable to meet your businesses needs
  • We stand behind our service with a Service Level Obligation
Please contact us to determine availability.



Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange from Execulink Telecom is a hosted Microsoft® Exchange solution that gives your company the functionality of a Microsoft® Exchange environment, without the associated capital cost of purchasing your own Microsoft® Exchange server or licenses. With a per user monthly price, you only pay for the service you need and avoid the expense of installing and supporting an in house system.

It is designed to minimize risk and ensure that our clients are protected from email down time. It is monitored 24x7 to identify any potential problems and correct them before the email service is affected.


  • Protection - Seven unique anti-virus solutions that screen every email to ensure it is threat free. 99.9% of spam is eliminated before it reaches your inbox or wireless device. All communications are encrypted with the same level of protection used by the major banks for their e-commerce sites. Your email, contacts and calendar folders are backed up to tape every night and sent to an off-site storage facility.
  • Accessibility Gain access to your Outlook® email client remotely with all of your saved emails and directory folders intact and available for your use. With the wireless option, you can integrate your mobile device, such as a BlackBerry® smartphone or a PDA, with your email client. Your mobile device will synchronize to your Outlook® files, allowing you to manage your email, calendar and tasks, wherever you are.
  • EfficiencyShared calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts allow your employees to schedule meetings and tasks quickly and efficiently.


Email Protection Services

Our domain-wide Email Protection Services offer virtual spam security for your non-Execulink-hosted email accounts.


  • Peace of mind - Protect against 99.9% of all malicious email threats.
  • More Control - Increased message delivery options and per-mailbox customization available.
  • Easy to Use - No hardware or software to install, plus 24/7 customer support.


Email ProtectionEmail Protection Plus
Only $4.95/month $9.95/month
+ $1.25/mailbox
A maintenance-free solution for the protection of your company’s email addresses from spam and other intrusive software. Same features as Email Protection Plus, but in addition allows your business to self-manage and customize your spam settings on a per-mailbox level via Phone or on My Execulink.


With the increased dependency on Wifi to stay connected around your building, Execulink is pleased to provide custom wireless network solutions based on your unique needs. Our product offerings range from a single Wireless Access Point (WAP) to zone or even full-mesh coverage with managed controllers – whatever your building layout requires!

  • office conference areas
  • detached buildings
  • coverage over multiple floors
  • warehouses and retail stores

Depending on your user needs, we can offer Guest Access along side Private Network logins and even customize hot-spot access for arenas and hotels. Our Network Specialists will advise on security/login options and hardware for the best speeds available (call to discuss your needs).

Check out our current FREE hot-spots in communities near you. 


Static IP address

A static IP address always stays the same – every time you connect to the Internet, you use the same IP address. Use a static IP to host a website or run an email server - it allows servers to recognize you and it gives them an address to go to if they want to access your specific connection.



Fax to Email Service

Receive faxes right to your email inbox with Fax to Email service. 


  • Retrieve and organize your faxes on your computer
  • Choose from three different image formats (PDF, Tiff or Postscript)
  • Set your phone, cell phone or computer to alert you of new messages
  • Detailed reports available in My Execulink

Available Options:


1-10 Fax Numbers11-25 Fax Numbers26+ Fax Numbers
per month
per month
per month
$20.00 set-up fee $20.00 set-up fee $20.00 set-up fee
Unlimited pages Unlimited pages Unlimited pages


AVG Anti-Virus protection

AVG Anti-virus Business edition 2014 provides extensive anti-virus protection for your computers. The unique combination of detection methods ensures that your computers receive the maximum protection possible on multiple levels.


  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware & Anti-Spyware protection
  • Secure the data on your computers and servers
  • Keep your network and client data safe from hackers
  • Protect your employees when they go online to search and download files from the web
  • Purchase multiple licenses at discounted rates
  • Free 30 day trial