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PRI Service

Many traditional PBX devices still require PRI service to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). We support this connectivity and a variety of services around it.

ISDN-PRI Service is a telecommunications standard, providing digital connectivity to a PBX to support up to 23 voice channels via a single PRI connection. Experience improved voice clarity with a digital connection compared with that of analog circuits.

Why ISDN-PRI service from Execulink?

Efficiency. Increase the efficiency of your voice solution as it takes less time to establish and terminate calls versus using traditional analog circuits; less channels are required to support your current call volumes. View not only a caller’s name and number via CLID, but the number they dialed via DNIS, in order to route and answer calls more efficiently.

Cost Savings. Reduce your cost per line by eliminating the need for multiple expensive analog circuits. Direct dial telephone numbers can be set up for each employee without the added cost of purchasing additional telephone lines. Even reserve a range of DID Numbers to ensure future numbering consistency as you grow your business.


long-distance.jpgLong Distance Plans

No matter the distance, your business can call anywhere around the world with a competitive long distance plan from Execulink.


  • Choose the plan that is best for your business. Select from a variety of North American flat rate or per minute plans.
  • Low international rates available.
  • Consolidate all of your Canadian offices on a single plan for unified billing and reporting.
  • Set-up Account Codes to identify and track calls by user or department, limit authorized long distance calling and abuse, or assign Account Codes to projects or clients for tracking or re-billing purposes.

toll-free.jpgToll Free Number

Wherever your customers may be, you can encourage them to call you without an added cost to them. Grow your business by providing a single number to call from anywhere in Ontario, across Canada or throughout North America.


  • No set-up fees.
  • Select from a variety of flat rate or per minute plans.
  • Combine your toll-free usage with your Long Distance package for even greater savings.
  • Customize your own toll free vanity number based on availability.
  • Select the geographical region - Ontario, Canada or North America.
  • Offer toll-free calling to your fax lines to further increase your level of customer service.
  • Extend the service to traveling employees to make it easy and cost-effective for them to reach the office.