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Residential Solutions:

Internet Connectivity for Residents

Cable High Speed Internet

Choose a High Speed Internet plan to suit your needs.


Download Speed

Upload Speed



Cable Internet

Up to 6Mbps

Up to 256Kbps



Cable Internet Premium

Up to 25Mbps

Up to 2Mbps



Cable Internet Ultra Up to 45Mbps Up to 4Mbps $54.95 $74.95
Cable Internet Supreme Up to 150Mbps  Up to 10Mbps $86.95 $214.95

*   A $1.00/GB rate applies to all overage usage.
** All plans include a $65 administration fee. The administration fee may be waived if you have an existing Cable Internet service from another provider.  


All Cable High Speed Internet plans also include:

  • DSL-High-Speed_three_teenagers_with_laptop_open_on_the_internetFree Usage between 2am - 9am
  • 9 Execulink Telecom email addresses
  • SpamGuard and VirusGuard protection on all email addresses
  • Choose to rent or purchase your modem
  • No Dry Loop fees
  • No contract

Just how fast is Cable High Speed Internet?

  6Mbps 25Mbps 45Mbps 150Mbps
Download picture 2MB 3 seconds 0 seconds 0 seconds 0 seconds
Download song 5MB 8 seconds 1 seconds 0 seconds 0 seconds
Download movie 700MB 16 minutes 4 minutes 2 Minutes 39 seconds

*Not available in all areas. Please contact us to determine speeds available at your location.