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The Best Tech for Keeping your Resolutions in 2018

It's the season to make resolutions! But, as we all know, sticking to your 2018 goals can be tough sometimes. Thankfully, there's technology for that!

Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2018!

While we can't predict what the future holds, we can look at how far we've come with technology! Check out which trends are expected to boom in 2018!

4 Coolest Things About NASA’s New Discovery

Check out the 4 Coolest Things About NASA’s New Discovery of Exoplanets.

Best, Worst, and Weirdest Grammy 2017 Moments

The 2017 Grammy Awards were nothing if not good, bad, and weird. Check out our breakdown here.

Pizza ATM’s are the Future of Pizza

It's National Pizza Day and this Pizza ATM could be coming to a campus near you!

The Story Behind Those 300 Drones in Gaga’s Halftime Performance

Find out the the who, what, why behind Lady Gaga's cool drone-show at the Superbowl halftime show! Check out some of the kudos and comments we received from customers after reducing their prices!

Cool New Tech To Look Forward to This Year

They might be called the American Music Awards but last night’s event was all about Canada.

Pet Tech Gifts for Christmas

Some tech gifts to get for your cat and dog this Christmas!

Amazon Go Introduces Grab and Go Grocery Shopping

Amazon plans to open a new grocery store that has no check out lines.

The Top Tech Toys for Kids

Check out this year's coolest tech toys for kids!
s a list of some super cool tech toys to gift your kid who made it on this ye… is the cool tech forward house that we all wish we could live http://www.execulink.ca/blog/tech-toys-2016/

Elon Musk and the Mission to Mars

Did you read the Reddit AMA with Elon Musk yesterday? The SpaceX mission to Mars is becoming more real by the day!

SolarCity and Airbnb Team Up to Make Your Stay More Eco-Friendly

Check out how these two big companies are teaming up to combat climate change!

IoT in the Home: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

Everything you need to know about Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Micro Machines Inventors Win Nobel Prize for Chemistry!

Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry yesterday for their work with molecular machines, leading to the first molecular motor!

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