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image1.pngCable & DSL High Speed Internet

Get the speed you need with fast Cable or DSL High Speed Internet. No more video lagging or waiting for websites to load - browse the Internet, stream, download and game with ease.

  • Plans starting from $29.95/month
  • Choose from different speed and usage tiers
  • Unlimited usage options available
  • Free usage time
  • Email addresses with Spam and Virus protection
  • No contract

in seconds and
stream faster than ever 


High Speed Internet plans with 6Mbps download speed all the way up to 60Mbps download speed.
Choose the plan that's best for your lifestyle.

The choice and value you deserve

Plan Options

Not a heavy user but still want fast speed? Big gamer and downloader? We have usage and speed options tailored to each type of user.

Hardware Flexibility

Rent or purchase your Internet modem or even bring your own modem as long as it's compatible. Wireless options available too.

No Contracts

We don't believe in binding you to a contract. You'll stay with Execulink because of the quality of our service and support.


Bundle Internet with Home Phone

Our bundle options are designed to suit your needs and save you money.

Bundle High Speed DSL Internet service with Home Phone for even more savings.

Bundles start from only $50.95/month!

Learn More






Internet Packages & Pricing

Whether you're a casual user or a heavy downloader, we have a plan that's tailored for you. With plans starting as low as $29.95/month, you'll get connected and enjoy a fast reliable online experience at a great price.

We're there for you - any questions or advice you need, give us a call and we're happy to help.

the plan that's right for you

Cable InternetCable Internet PremiumCable Internet Ultra
Up to 15Mbps Download
Up to 1Mbps Upload
Up to 30Mbps Download
Up to 5Mbps Upload
Up to 60Mbps Download
Up to 10Mbps Upload
100GB Usage
100GB Usage
N/A $52.95/month
300GB Usage
300GB Usage
N/A $72.95/month
Unlimited Usage
Unlimited Usage
Free Usage from 2am to 9am Free Usage from 2am to 9am Free Usage from 2am to 9am

A $1.00/GB overage rate applies. All plans include a $65 administration fee. The administration fee may be waived if you have an existing Cable Internet service from another provider.

DSL InternetDSL Internet Premium
Up to 6Mbps Download
Up to 1Mbps Upload
Up to 15Mbps Download
Up to 1Mbps Upload
100GB Usage
100GB Usage
Unlimited Usage
Unlimited Usage
Free Usage from 2am to 9am Free Usage from 2am to 9am

A $1.00/GB overage rate applies. All plans include a $35 administration fee. Additional dry loop fees may apply if required.





Internet modems

You need flexibility, which is why you have the option to either rent, purchase or even bring your own Internet modem as long as it's compatible.

 Cable Internet ModemDSL Internet Modems
  Motorola SB6141
Comtrend CT-5072T
Comtrend AR-5381u
  Motorolasb6141front.jpg Comtrend_CT-5072T.jpg  Ar5381u_front.png
Easy to set-up and use checkbox-circle.png checkbox-circle.png checkbox-circle.png
Single Internet connection checkbox-circle.png checkbox-circle.png  
Connect up to 4 computers via 
Ethernet port
Wireless (Wi-fi) functionality with 
secure password protection
Price to Rent $3.95/month $3.95/month $3.95/month
Price to Own $99.95 $99.95 $159.95

 Cable Internet modems

Already have a Cable modem? If your cable modem in this list then you can use it with our service.

Manufacturer Model Hardware version Firmware version
Huawei MT130U 1A V100R001C01B071
Motorola SB6141 7.0
Motorola SBG6580 1
Thomson/Technicolor DCM475 1.0/2.3.0 STAC.02.16
Technicolor DCM475 1.1 STAC.02.16
Technicolor DCM476 2.0 STAC.02.50
Technicolor DCM476 2.1 STAC.02.50
Technicolor DCW775 1.1 STB5.01.51






AVG Anti-Virus protection

AVG Anti-virus 2014 provides extensive anti-virus protection for your personal computer. The unique combination of detection methods ensures that your computers receive the maximum protection possible on multiple levels.

AVG Internet Security 2014 provides further protection and peace of mind with Anti-Spam technology to keep your inbox free of spam and scams, plus the ability to block hackers while online shopping and banking. You’ll also enjoy a faster web experience by speeding up online video playback!


  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware & Anti-Spyware protection
  • Social Networking and Identify Theft protection
  • Safely surf, search and download files from the web
  • Purchase multiple licenses at discounted rates
  • Free 30 day trial
  1 Year License 2 Year License
Type of Protection  AVG Anti-Virus 2014 AVG Internet Security 2014 AVG Anti-Virus 2014 AVG Internet Security 2014
1 Computer $39.99 $54.99 $59.99 $84.99
2 Computers $49.99 $64.99 $74.99 $89.99
3 Computers $54.99 $69.99 $79.99 $99.99

DryLoop.pngDry Loop

Get DSL High Speed Internet using a Dry Loop if you don't have a home telephone line. Dry Loop is perfect for cell phone users who don't want a landline phone or people who use VoIP phone service.

Dry Loop prices range from $10.50 to $25.00/month in addition to your monthly DSL plan rate. A $20.00 set-up fee also applies. Contact us to find out what your Dry Loop price would be.

Limited Time Promotion: If you qualify and subscribe to either DSL Internet Premium or DSL Internet Premium - Unlimited you may qualify to have your Dry Loop Fees waived.

Starting at $10.50/month
$20.00 one time set-up charge


Netguard Parental Controls

Netguard Parental controls let you control when and how your family uses the Internet. Give yourself the freedom from monitoring your children online and give them the freedom to use the Internet when you can't be there.

With Netguard you can:

  • Block instant messaging, social networking sites, specific URL's and specific types of websites.
  • Restrict access to the Internet at certain times of the day.
  • Give each member of your house their own profile and apply different filtering rules for each person.
Try Netguard FREE for 2 months!


Static IP address

A static IP address always stays the same – every time you connect to the Internet, you use the same IP address. Use a static IP to run an email server or even host a website.

$20.00 one time set-up charge

Not compatible with Cable Internet service

Fax to Email

Don’t have a fax machine? Don’t worry - Receive faxes right to your inbox as a PDF, Tiff or Postscript attachment.

$8.95/month - Includes Unlimited incoming pages to one fax number
$20.00 one time set-up charge





DSL Internet & Phone bundles to save you even more



6Mbps Internet Speed


15Mbps Internet Speed



  • Up to 6Mbps download speed
  • Up to 1Mbps upload speed 
  • 100GB/month Usage - get Unlimited usage for $15/month more
  • Free usage from 2am - 9am

  • 7 Free phone features: Call Waiting Call Display,
    Call Forwarding + 4 others
  • Voicemail free for 60 days
  • Keep your same telephone number


  • Up to 15Mbps download speed
  • Up to 1Mbps upload speed 
  • 100GB/month Usage - get Unlimited usage for $15/month more
  • Free usage from 2am - 9am

  • 7 Free phone features: Call Waiting, Call Display, Call Forwarding + 4 Others 
  • Voicemail free for 60 days
  • Keep your same telephone number




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