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 1. Tap the gear image on top right to open Settings.


2. Tap Accounts on the left side of the screen.

3. Tap Email, Calendar and Contacts on the right.


4. On the bottom right tap Add New Account.


5. Enter your Email address in the Email address field

6. Enter your Password in the Password field.

7. Tap Advanced Setup on the bottom left of this frame.


8. Select IMAP from the list of account types.


9. Enter a label for the mailbox beside Description (eg. Personal Email, Business Email, etc.).

10. Enter your name as you would like it to appear in your outgoing email in the Display Name field.

11. The Username field should contain everything to the left of the @ symbol in your email address(eg. john.smith would be the username of john.smith@execulink.com) *Note:  If you're using an email address that uses a domain other than @execulink.com, please enter your full email address in the Username field.

12. Enter your full email address beside email address.

13. Enter your email address's password in the Password field.

14. Enter the incoming mailserver execulink.com in the Server Address field(if you are using a @golden address, please use pop.golden.net for this field)


15. The port value should be set to 143 for IMAP.

16. Encryption should be left in the off position.

17. SMTP Username should contain your email address (eg. john.smith@execulink.com)

18. In the SMTP Password enter your proper email password.

19. Enter smtpauth.execulink.com in the SMTP Server Address field.


20. The SMTP Port value should be set to 587.

21. MTP Encryption should be left in the off position.

22. Use push if supported should be left in the ON position.

23. 15 minutes is sufficient for Sync Interval(how often the playbook will check in with the mailserver).

24. Initial Retrieval Amount can be adjusted to the age of the email in the mailserver that you would like to retrieve.  In most cases 30 days is sufficient.

25. Once you are content with the values entered.  Tap the Save button to create the mailbox.