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Home / Support / Business Support / Internet Support / Email Support / Email Guides / Windows Mail - POP with SSL Setup

1. At the top of the screen, click on the Tools menu and then select Accounts...

2. Setup your email account if you haven't already. [how to]

3. Click on your account in the Internet Accounts window and click Properties

4. Click on the Servers tab. 

5. Ensure that the Incoming Mail (POP3) server field reads sslmail.execulink.com .

6. Ensure that the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server field reads sslmail.execulink.com .

7. Ensure that My Server Requires Authentication is checked.

8. Click Settings.

9. In the window that appears, choose Log on using and enter the full email address into the
    Account Name box and the password in the Password field. 

10. Make sure that Log on using Secure Password Authentication is NOT checked and then
      click OK.

11. Go to the Advanced tab and change the POP3 port to 995 and the SMTP port to 465

12. Check This server requires a secure connection (SSL) for both Incoming and Outgoing Servers.

13. Click OK to close the account properties window, and click Close to exit from the Internet
      Accounts window.