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Cable Internet is a High Speed service delivered over an existing Cable infrastructure, taking advantage of the hundreds of Broadband Channels available over Cable to achieve higher speeds. 

This service does not require a username or password to be entered (as it is with DSL) to connect to the internet. Instead it relies on DHCP to maintain an open connection along a coaxial cable fastened to your Modem.  All you need to do is connect your Computer or Router to your Execulink supplied Modem.

Cable Internet does require that you have a Network-Interface Controller (NIC) inside your computer and an Ethernet cable (also provided with your modem) to connect the modem to the NIC on your computer.

Execulink Telecom recommends you check your computer before ordering cable service to ensure that you have an Ethernet card installed

  • Instructions for finding your Ethernet card using Microsoft Windows can be found here
  • Apple/Macintosh computers purchased after 1995 have built-in Ethernet cards.  

If you wish to check to see if Cable Internet is available in your area please contact our sales department.