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DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and is a service that runs over standard copper phone lines. Unlike dial-up internet which uses the standard telephone voice network to send and receive data, DSL has been designed to use a different approach. With DSL service the 'voice band' on a copper phone line is ignored and the rest of the bandwidth of the phone line is utilized. 'The rest' of the line is actually a rather large unused frequency range and taking advantage of it means DSL service can operate at speeds up to 100 times faster than dial-up internet service. Because the lower frequencies where voice calls occur is left untouched by design, the phone line is free to make or receive calls while on the internet. DSL is served from telephone provider facilities called 'Central Offices' (CO's). The Availability and maximum speed of DSL service is determined by how close your location is to a Central Office. 

The hardware required to get DSL service is a DSL modem, and a computer with a functioning network card. Most of this hardware is available to rent or purchase from Execulink Telecom, and we will also provide you with telephone filters to attach to your phones which help ensure your voice and internet services do not interfere with each other.  Execulink Telecom recommends you check your computer before ordering DSL service to ensure that you have an ethernet card installed

  • Instructions for finding your ethernet card using Microsoft Windows can be found here
  • Apple/Macintosh computers purchased after 1995 have built-in ethernet cards.  

If you wish to check to see if DSL is available in your area please contact our sales department.