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Wireless Internet access is a form of high speed Internet that uses radio frequency to transmit a broadband signal from an Execulink Telecom wireless tower to a radio installed at the service location.

For this service, our technicians will install a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) radio inside the home that will connect to the Network-Interface-Controller (NIC) card inside your computer. An ethernet cable will then be connected from the outside to one jack on that radio, and the other jack will have an ethernet connection to the computer.  

Execulink Telecom recommends you check your computer before ordering wireless service to ensure that you have an ethernet card installed

  • Instructions for finding your ethernet card using Microsoft Windows can be found here
  • Apple/Macintosh computers purchased after 1995 have built-in ethernet cards.  

Like any wireless signal, changes to the environment, both inside and outside the home, can cause interference, making it less reliable than the wired services (i.e. overgrown trees blocking the line-of-sight to the tower, construction, warm and cold weather, etc.)

If you wish to check to see if wireless is available in your area please contact our sales department.