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Pre-authorized payments

There are a number of methods available for bill payments. Pre-authorized payment (PAP) is the most efficient method. You can set up PAP for automatic payments using either your MasterCard or Visa credit card or your bank account.

To set up or update your PAP you can contact a Customer Service Representative and provide the numbers off the bottom of your cheque, or your credit card number and expiry date, or send in a void cheque to Execulink Telecom by mail. You can also set up PAP online through My Execulink.

Telephone or Online Banking

Telephone and online banking are also available. Set up Execulink Telecom as a payee, using the account number listed on your invoice.

Payee Name: Execulink Telecom

Other One-Time Payment Options

Execulink`s Woodstock, Kitchener or Thedford Offices

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Mastercard/VISA)
  • Debit
  • Cheque
  • Money Order
Online through MyExeculink
  • Credit Card (Mastercard/VISA)

By Mail Execulink's Woodstock Office

  • Cheque
  • Money Order

By Phone to Execulink's Customer Service department

  • Credit Card (Mastercard/VISA)