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1. Exit your email program if it is still open.

2. Right-click the AVG icon in the system tray and choose Open AVG User Interface. (The icon looks
    like a yellow, black, green and red flag).

3. Double-click the E-mail Scanner button.


4. Scan incoming messagesUncheck this option to disable incoming email scanning. Check it to
    enable incoming mail scanning. 

5. Scan outgoing messagesUncheck this option to disable outgoing email scanning. Check it to
    enable outgoing mail scanning. 

6. Click the Save changes button when you are finished.


7. AVG may inform you that you are no longer protected, depending on which options you selected  
    above. Execulink Telecom scans all mail going in or out of our mail servers, so it is safe to leave
    your settings like this. Close AVG.