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 disconnected.jpgThere is no one cause for disconnects occurring while using the Internet. The problem may be line related (noise on the line, cross-talk, a wiring fault on internal or external phone lines, etc.) or hardware / configuration related (issue with the dial-up modem, program settings, etc.).

Below you will find many symptoms and solutions for disconnects.

Disconnects when checking email

If you notice you are able to get new mail before you're getting disconnected, your email program may be set to disconnect from the internet after checking for new messages. For instructions on how to check these email settings click here.

Disconnects when the computer is idle

It is possible that your computer is set to disconnect when the internet connection is idle (no
information is being sent/received). Follow the steps below to check if an idle disconnect option is
set on your computer:

Windows XP

1. Open the Control Panel and double click on Internet Options.

2. Click the Connections tab, highlight your Execulink dialup connection and click the
    Settings button.

3. Click the Advanced button in the Dial-up Settings section of the screen.

4. Uncheck Disconnect if idle for [ ] minutes.

5. Click OK, and OK again, and OK once more. The new settings should take effect the
    next time you connect.

Macintosh OS X

1. Open the System Preferences and click Network.

2. Click the PPP tab and click the PPP Options button.

3. Uncheck Disconnect if idle for [ ] minutes.

4. Click OK. Close the System Preferences and save the changes. The new settings should
    take effect the next time you connect.