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This error is an indication that the dialup modem is not communicating properly, and can often
be resolved by deleting and recreating the dial-up connection.

Follow the instructions for your operating system in order to recreate the dial-up connection.

If that does not solve the problem, there are several settings that may be the cause.

1. Determine if the modem is physically dialing and that the correct dialup number is being
    entered in the correct format.

2. If the modem is unable to dial, this is an indication that it is not functioning properly.

3. Reinstalling the modem will often correct this as incorrect or corrupted modem software
    will cause the modem not to dial or function properly.

4. There is also a chance that phone line interference is preventing the modem from
    obtaining a successful connection.

5. Please make sure that the phone cord plugged into the modem is not running through a
    splitter, extension or any other device. If there is audible noise or other such
    interference on the line, this is probably the cause of the problem.