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If you currently have no email accounts created in Mac Mail, once you start up the program you will be directed to setup your email account.

Start by selecting the Mac Mail icon from the task bar at the bottom of your screen.


Enter your Full Name, Email Address and Password in the fields provided, then click on Continue.


If you already have email accounts setup in your Mac Mail, start by selecting Mail from the top left corner of the menu once Mac Mail is running, then select Preferences.


You should now see a new window with all your email preferences available. Select the Accounts tab, and then click the ‘add’ button at the bottom left corner to add a new email account.


Enter your Full Name, Email Address and Password in the fields provided, then click on Continue.

You should now be able to specify the settings for your Incoming Mail Server.


Ensure the Account Type is POP, the Incoming Mail Server is entered as sslmail.execulink.com, your Execulink provided Email address is entered as the User Name, and your Password is entered. Click on Continue.


Next you will need to specify the Outgoing Mail Server info as sslmail.execulink.com. Place a check mark beside Use Authentication, and ensure your full email address and password are entered for the User Name and Password fields respectively. Click on Continue again.


Lastly you will be given a Summary of your account details. Notice that SSL is on for both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server. Once you’ve reviewed the information, select Create.


To ensure your incoming and outgoing settings are functional, it is often a good idea to send yourself an email if you do not already have email to send or receive.


If you need assistance with this process, please contact our Technical Support Department. Contact information can be found here.