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Start by clicking on Email to create a new Email account if you are setting up Thunderbird for the first time, or have no other email accounts already created.


Then select Skip this and use my existing email.


Alternatively, you can access the Options and then Account Settings by clicking on the Menu button near the top right corner of the Thunderbird window.



On the following screen, select the Account Actions menu at the bottom right and choose to Add Mail Account.


Either path should lead you to the Mail Account Setup screen.

Enter your name as you would like it to appear when you send mail, your full Execulink provided email address and password. Once all that is entered, click on Continue.


Thunderbird will then attempt to locate the configuration for the Incoming and Outgoing server names and settings for Execulink. What Thunderbird comes up with will need a slight modification.


Select IMAP (remote folders), and click on Manual config.


Here, you can specify The Incoming Server Hostname as sslmail.execulink.com on Port 993, the Outgoing Server Hostname also as sslmail.execulink.com on Port 465, and the Username as your Email address in full. The encryption type SSL/TLS should be automatically set once you specify the Execulink SSL email server. Once this is completed, click on Done.


This completed your Email account setup. A good method to test the Incoming and Outgoing settings is to send yourself an Email. Once you have sent it, click on Get Mail located at the top right corner to download messages waiting for you.


A common issue found with Sending email with Thunderbird configured for IMAP, is that the sent message will not always save to the correct IMAP folder, and will instead save on a local folder automatically created when the first email is sent.

To have Thunderbird save your sent emails to the IMAP Sent folder, click on the Menu button located in the top right corner.


Navigate to Options, and then Account Settings.

Click on the menu on the left labeled Copies & Folders.


Click on the option to “Place a copy in Other:”, and then manually select through the menu “sent on your email address@execulink.com”. Click OK at the bottom to save your settings. You should now see your sent messages saving to your IMAP Sent folder correctly.