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Email messages with large file attachments are a significant problem for people on dialup or other slow Internet connections. Some of the symptoms include being unable to download messages, or having the same messages downloading again and again. Here are a few tips to prevent this problem and fix it when it happens to you:

1. Tell friends and family not to email you any attachments larger than 1 MB (1024 KB).

2. If you are sending any attachments, keep the file size below 750 KB (sending is slower than 

3. To share photos with friends and family, use photo sharing services such as Facebook, Picasa, flickr, PhotoBucket, ImageShack or other free services.

If your mail seems "stuck" or is repeating messages, try the following:

1. Completely exit your email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc).

2. Log into webmail.

3. Look for any large emails by checking the size column. You're looking for anything larger than 1 MB, but feel free to check out smaller messages.

4. Click on each large email to read the message and view the image attachment(s).

5. If you trust the sender of the message, download any attachments that you want to.

6. When you're done reading each large email, delete it. If you do not delete the emails, the problem will not go away.

7. After you have deleted all large emails in your mailbox, exit Webmail.

8. Do not open your email program. Wait for at least 30 minutes before accessing your mailbox again.

9. After 30 minutes have passed, log back into Webmail. Ensure that there are no more large emails.

10. Exit Webmail and load your regular email program. All remaining emails should download normally.