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What equipment is required for wireless internet?

To use Wireless Internet service from Execulink Telecom, you will need a computer with Windows 98 or newer, or Mac OS 9 or newer. You will also require a network card. Execulink Telecom will provide a transceiver (radio), the antenna, and the cables connecting them.

We recommend that you have a battery backup (UPS) and surge protectors to prevent against electrical surges that may damage your equipment.

Will technicians need roof access to install wireless internet?

Yes, we require permission from you and/or your landlord to get on the roof for the site survey, installation, and maintenance. If you are renting or leasing an apartment or office space, we will need contact information for the building manager to obtain approval and schedule installation and maintenance.

Will installing wireless internet damage my roof?

No. Most of our installations use wall-mounting brackets or a non-penetrating base & brick assembly. A base & brick assembly saddles your roof at the apex (the bricks weigh down the base and tripod). This keeps the antenna in place without penetrating the building's roof structure.