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This error is a very general error that your computer issues when it recognizes a problem in your
Internet connection that it cannot identify. It could be an indication that the modem is not
communicating properly, or that there is a problem with how your equipment is set up. There are
a number of troubleshooting steps that can be followed in order to resolve this error.

1. If you have a router, you do not need to manually connect using a connection on your
    computer. Your router connects to the Internet for you. Verify that you are able to browse
    websites and check email.

2. If you do not have a router, power off the modem for 1-2 minutes and restart the
    computer. Your modem and/or computer may need to reset their internal settings, in
    order to re-establish a connection.

3. Verify that the modem is "in sync" by checking the DSL light (may be labelled Line Sync,
    Link, or ADSL). If this light is flashing or completely off, you have a sync issue.

4. Verify that the network (Ethernet) card inside your computer is functioning properly and
    has the correct drivers installed and enabled. There is also a possibility that there is a
    system conflict if more than one Ethernet card is installed. Try disabling all other network
    cards other than the primary one that the computer system is using.

5. If your connection is still not working, your problem is either with the modem itself or a
    wiring issue internal or external to the location. This type of problem can be investigated
    with the assistance of Execulink Telecom Helpdesk.