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  • Determing what is using Power: Ice Cream Sandwich Instructions
  • Extending Battery Life


Determining What is Using Power

Ice Cream Sandwich Instructions

1. On the handset press the Menu square.icon.png button

2. Options should appear at the bottom of the desktop, tap Settings     


3. On the Settings menu that appears tap Battery   


Typically battery consumption will be from the Android OS, Cell Standby and Screen.  If you see other
applications in the list they are likely the cause of battery drain.

See Extending Battery Life below for suggestions on decreasing power consumption.

Extending Battery Life

1. First it is advisable to check what applications are consuming power (see instructions above)

2. If 'wireless', 'bluetooth' or 'GPS' are too high on the battery usage list it is advisable to disable these
    interfaces when not using them.

3. If 'Display' is consuming too much power you can reduce the consumption in several ways:

  • Decrease the brightness of your screen.
  • Avoid using white wallpapers and select something darker/black.
  • Avoid using dynamic wallpapers (animated backgrounds consume more power).
  • Decrease the screen timeout setting.

4. Be aware that certain applications will consume a great deal of power (games, applications that play
    video or audio).

5. Turn off your phone in areas with poor or no cell reception.  When your phone constantly is
    searching for a signal the battery will drain quickly.

6. Turn off vibrate & haptic feedback (vibrate consumes more power than ring tones).

7. Use only chargers made by the manufacturer of your device.

8. Ensure installed applications are up to date (updates often are related to improving power

9. Reduce the frequency of how often applications are syncing.

10. If taking pictures is draining too much power disable the flash.