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First Time Sign-In:

  • Press and hold ‘1’ on the mobile phone dialer interface.
  • Configure your voicemail service in three easy steps.
  • To skip this process, press the '*' key twice. Quit setup at any time by ending the call; you will need to complete all three steps during your next call.

1. Create your PIN

  • Enter a PIN then press '#' when finished.
  • Re-enter the PIN to confirm your entry and press '#' when finished.

2. Record your name

  • Please make your recording less than ten seconds long.
  • Record your name and press '#' when finished.
  • The system will play your recording back to you. Press '1' to try again, or '#' to keep the recording.

3. Record or Choose a Greeting

Personal Greetings: Press '1' to record a personal greeting, then '#' when finished.

System-Generated Greetings:

  • Press '2' to announce your recorded name.
  • Press '3' to announce your phone number.
  • Press '4' to announce neither your name nor your phone number. A generic message will advise callers you are not available.
  • To record or select a different greeting, press '1'.
  • To confirm your selection as the preferred greeting, press '#'.

Accessing your Mailbox:

  • Press and hold the number '1' on your mobile phone's keypad, or call your phone number from any outside line.
  • From the voicemail greeting, press '*' to log into your account. You must always enter your PIN when accessing the system this way.
  • If you have text messaging enabled, a new message icon will appear in your phone's notification area.
  • The system will confirm how many messages you have, and how to access them.
  • If you have no new voice messages, you will be forwarded to the Main Menu.
  • If your mailbox is almost full, the system will warn you. To keep your service working properly, please delete old messages.
  • To begin reviewing your messages, press '1' from the Main Menu.

Message Management:

  • To replay a message, press '1'.
  • To save a message and go to the next one, press '2'. This will store the message and mark it as saved.
  • To erase a message, press '3'. If you change your mind, you can recover deleted messages by pressing '6' from the Main Menu.
  • To reply to a message, press '4'.
  • To return to the previous message, press '*'.
  • To skip a message, press '#’.
  • To hear details of the date and time of the message, and the caller's name or number, press '66'.

Account Security:

The voicemail system will lock you out if you enter a bad password repeatedly. If this happens, please call technical support.