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If you are unable to get service when roaming with a Samsung C414 you may need to manually set the phone to connect to an Execulink roaming partner network (Telus/AT&T). To do this:

1. On your Phone press the OK button to load the menu screen

2. Press on the bottom of the silver ring surrounding the OK button to navigate downwards until
    Settings is highlighted.

3. Press the OK button to access the settings screen

4. On the list of options that appears navigate downwards to Connectivity and press OK

5. On the Connectivity screen that appears navigate down to Network selection and press OK

6. On the Network selection screen press down to Manual and press OK

7. Searching network... should appear for a short period and then you will be presented with options such as "Execulink, Telus or AT&T".

8. If Execulink is available you are still within your home coverage area and should simply press the dash key on the upper right to go back.  If Execulink is not present, then navigate to Telus or AT&T and press OK

9. The phone should indicate Selecting network... and then connect to the Telus/AT&T network. This will allow you to continue to use your mobile phone when roaming (outside your home network). Please be advised, roaming rates will apply while using your cell phone on the Telus or AT&T networks.

When returning to the Execulink home coverage area you will need to switch the phone back to Automatic network selection, to do this simply follow the process above and when you reach step 6 above select Automatic from the list.

If you experience any difficulty applying the settings above or getting your cell service to function, please contact Execulink Technical Support anytime (24/7) at 1-877-393-2854.