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Terms of Service

Terms of Service (PDF - Ver.11 - effective Feb.12th, 2018)

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (PDF - Page 41)


CLEC Tariff (PDF - Updated January 18, 2017)

General ILEC Tariff (PDF - Updated June 1, 2018)

OIST Ontario Independent Services Tariff (PDF)

Customer Service Escalation Steps 

Service Escalation Steps

Our Commitment to Accessibility 

Accessibility Standards

CRTC Documents

National Do Not Call List

National Do Not Call List FAQ's

You Have Rights (PDF)

Wireless Code of Conduct (PDF - Updated December 1, 2017)

Your Rights as a Wireless Consumer (PDF - Updated December 1, 2017)


Execulink Telecom's Privacy Policies (PDF)

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Corporate Referral Program

Residential Refer-a-Friend