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How long does it take to have the cable service installed?

Depending upon the time of year we can normally have it installed within 3 - 5 business days. June through August is a very busy time for us, so some installations may require up to 10 business days to be completed.

Do you need cable TV to get cable internet?

No, you can have one without the other however you will receive a bundle discount if you have more than one service with Execulink Telecom.

Can I have more than one TV hooked up?

Yes. Just call our office and schedule a work order for additional outlets. Many families have their additional televisions hooked up to cable so that everyone can watch their favourite programs at the same time. There are no monthly services charges, but there is a set-up charge for the scheduled work order.

Why must non-french communities carry a french signal?

We carry French channels by order of the CRTC in order to offer our bilingual customers the opportunity to view French programming.

Can Execulink Telecom control what programs are aired on television?

Execulink Telecom only provides the signal to your home, not the programming. Programming is the
responsibility of each network or television station. They decide what will be shown and at what time. We know from past experience that networks and TV stations prefer to hear from viewers themselves. We encourage you to write directly to them if you have any comments or concerns with the programming.