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Game of Thrones: "The Door"

Posted by cirvine on May 24, 2016


Hold the spoilers! Hold the spoilers!!! Hospoil!

Well, they really did it to us this time, didn’t they? Who would have thought the words “Hold the door” could make me weep like a little baby? Game of Thrones has made me feel a lot of things in their six seasons but this one is really getting to me for some reason. Maybe because I didn’t see it coming (book readers are along for the surprise-ride just like everyone else now), or maybe just because Hodor is the one, true innocent in all this craziness. WHY, GAME OF THRONES, WHY!?


And now, a rant. Does anyone else hate Bran just a little bit for not helping out sooner? Like seriously, deep sleeper much? There are only 1 million zombies in your man-cave and you’re chillin’ in Slumberland with gramps. And what will he do now that his trusty Hodor-steed is gone? Meera will have to carry him, unless he wargs into her and carries himself. He could use Summer as a sled-dog of sorts but… oh right… and I’m sad again. Thanks a lot, Bran!

Perhaps more unfortunate is the fact that Summer and Hodor are probably not fully dead. We’ll see them again, this time as wights or white walkers in the Army of the Dead. Bran’s loyal protectors will now be his immortal enemies. The sadness is deep with this one, friends.

The interesting thing about the Hodor’s fate was learning that Bran could actually influence the past, and therefore the future as well. The fact that he can do this could be huge. One theory, from redditor NegativeKarmaSniifer, is that Bran is responsible for the war that started everything. Remember, the reason that Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark rebelled against King Aerys Targaryen (“The Mad King”) way back when is that Aerys burned Ned's father and brother, Rickard and Bran Stark, to death. The theory is that Aerys's madness came from Bran attempting to contact him in the past and warn him against his future actions, which ironically drove him insane and led him to commit the very acts Bran was trying to stop. Cool theory, huh?


Speaking of other things, other things happened this episode too! We got to see a second red priestess, and it seems she is one of the few people that can actually go head-to-head with Varys and put him in his place. Interestingly, she believes Daenerys to be the chosen one, and not Jon Snow. Can we get an official statement on this, Lord of Light? We need answers. Also, we got to see Sansa stand up to Littlefinger and make major plays in the war she’s pretty much leading in the North (this chick is just getting more and more awesome isn’t she?). One of the coolest bits of information we learned was that the Children of the Forest were actually the creators of the first white walker, the Night King! WHAT? Well now I don’t know how to feel about you guys. They did it to save themselves from the humans years ago. How do you say “backfire” in Children of the Forest language?

With Bran on the run from the zombies, Jon and Sansa building their army against Ramsay, Dany on her way back to Meereen, and all the stuff going on in King’s Landing, we have the makings of some super exciting future episodes here. Stay pumped, friends.