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At Execulink we realize that each business is unique. We understand that a Phone service that might work perfectly for one business, might be completely wrong for another. We pride ourselves in helping you choose the Phone service that best suits your business’ needs.

Although we are not able to offer our Business Phone services online at this time, rest assured we are working on it! Please call us at 1-866-706-2050 and we will be happy to discuss some of your options with you.

Phone Solutions

Whether you require a hosted phone solution or simple analog, we have a solution to meet your needs.  Learn about our different Phone solutions and what is best for your business.

Hosted Phone Solution

A hosted phone solution is an IP-based solution delivered over our secure digital network. Enjoy the features and benefits of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), without the associated capital cost. It frees your organization from endless hardware upgrades and the managerial complexity of your current telephone system. With a Hosted Phone system, your phone system is centrally located on Execulink Telecom’s private network, allowing for enhanced control of all of your company’s inbound and outbound calls.

We support a variety of industry leading Desktop IP Phones, Software Phones, and telephony equipment that will meet your budget and the needs of each employee.

Digital Phone Service

A digital phone service is a reliable and efficient way of sharing your voice and data over one line and offers a suite of features not found on traditional analog phone service. This solution is a great deal for businesses that have a need for 1 to 8 phone lines.

  • Includes 10 calling features: Call Display (Name & Number), Do Not Disturb, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding Basic, Speed Calling, Line Hunting, Automatic Recall, Selective Call Rejection, 3-Way Calling, Personal Access Codes
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers
  • Free local calling and free calling to other Execulink Telecom phone customers
  • Free 1-800 number, 911 and 611 support
  • Access to manage your phone features online via MyExeculink
  • Additional phone features available: Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Find me Follow me, plus many more

Analog Phone Service

The quality and reliability that you have come to expect from a traditional analog phone line. For business telephones, fax machines, alarm systems and dial-up modems.

Additional features: Call Display, 3-Way Calling, Do Not Disturb, Speed Calling, Visual Call Waiting, Voicemail, Automatic Recall, Call Forwarding Basic, Line Hunting, Selective Call Rejection, Find Me/Follow Me, Call Transfer.

Why Hosted Phone?

A Hosted Phone System from Execulink Telecom frees your organization from endless hardware upgrades and the managerial complexity of your current telephone system.

Easily manage your phone system as your company grows, starting with as little as 3 phones and growing to hundreds. We can help you every step of the way.

Allow multiple offices to function as a single organization, even when the offices are separated geographically. Transfer calls to and from home offices with ease without making your customers dial separate numbers. Calls are managed as if all of your employees are in the same physical location.

Perform many of your phone system’s maintenance and administrative duties internally with minimal effort and expense. Complete upgrades and add extensions quickly and efficiently as your company grows, allowing you to save on additional costs normally associated with traditional telephone systems.

Voicemails and emails can arrive as attachments in your inbox, advanced features such as Selective Call Forwarding and Fine Me Follow Me use the system to search out employees, reducing the workload of your customer service representatives and receptionists. Additional features include Auto-Attendants, Call Queues, Line Hunting, Call Blocking, Music on Hold, and more.

No hardware to purchase or maintain and the system is continuously upgraded as new features are available. Over 30 features available with 10 included in the base offering. Direct dial telephone numbers can be set up for each employee without the added cost of purchasing additional telephone lines. Eliminate long distance charges between geographically separate locations.

More Options

We can work with you to figure out which options work best. Here are a couple of our most popular options below.

Long Distance Plan

No matter the distance, your business can call anywhere around the world with a competitive long distance plan from Execulink.


  • Select from a variety of North American flat rate or per minute plans.
  • Low international rates available.
  • Consolidate all of your Canadian offices on a single plan for unified billing and reporting.
  • Set-up Account Codes to identify and track calls by user or department, limit authorized long distance calling and abuse, or assign Account Codes to projects or clients for tracking or re-billing purposes.

Toll Free Number

Wherever your customers may be, you can encourage them to call you without an added cost to them. Grow your business by providing a single number to call from anywhere in Ontario, across Canada or throughout North America.


  • Select from a variety of flat rate or per minute plans.
  • Combine your toll-free usage with your Long Distance package for even greater savings.
  • Customize your own toll free vanity number based on availability.
  • Select the geographical region – Ontario, Canada or North America.
  • Offer toll-free calling to your fax lines to further increase your level of customer service.
  • Extend the service to traveling employees to make it easy and cost-effective for them to reach the office.

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